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1) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6028)
Posted 26 Feb 2018 by EG
Like WUprop owes them something.... (more like they forgot the point)

Would be a shame if he really quits, he created a DB of hardware and it's capabilities even if it is only a guesstimate of project and hardware capabilities.
Invaluable to us people that push HW to the edge.

Chasing stars is moot compared to that.....

I don't run it anymore cause it was effecting my collatz times, I always saw the badges in it as a compilation of nothingness so I never felt the need to chase them....

Is it cheating? no, I don't think so. Does it go beyond the point/intent of the project? yes, it does.

His project he can run it anyway he likes.... but he should have stopped the practice before users grew dependent on it....

AS far as the dictator crap? if you don't like it don't run it, the base philosophy of Free Distributed Computing.

We are free to choose. That is as far from dictation as possible.

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