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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Not earning credit. (Message 9420)
Posted 17 Nov 2022 by Skillz
No, did not realize that. Will get that fixed ASAP. Thanks.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Not earning credit. (Message 9417)
Posted 17 Nov 2022 by Skillz
I have multiple large CPU and GPU systems that are split into two instances. One to run CPU only tasks and one to run GPU only tasks. Due to BOINC being dumb with splitting resources it's the only way to guarantee my GPUs are always running and my CPU is maxed with it's remaining resources without having to deal with setting up app configs for every single project.

Those systems only one of the instance is getting credit running WUProp. Why?
3) Message boards : News : Project revival (Message 8837)
Posted 21 Mar 2022 by Skillz
I am volunteering my time to help with managing the project.
4) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8790)
Posted 9 Mar 2022 by Skillz
I read some users could keep alive the project.
What are the requirements :
- a server with 16GB RAM and SSD disks (100GB)

I can make this happen, but it will take me a little while to get something built to those specs.

- someone which knows how to manage a server running apache and MySQL/MariaDB

I've got some experience running MySQL and Apache on Linux.

- someone which can spend an half hour each day to check and validate new projects, applications, gpu, cpu and android devices.

This is the key. Half an hour every day is something I may not be able to due, as I work out of town a lot and sometimes end up in places with limited or no Internet connectivity.

- someone which can code new versions. There is a problem with BOINC 7.18.1 on Android devices.

I do not know how to code/program.

Transfering WUProp on an other server will be difficult :
- Some data as email addresses are private. I can't transfer them to someone without user acceptance. Only hours could be transfered. Users should register on the new server.

I am not sure how to handle this. Perhaps something could be done that if the user can export their data from the server here and upload/import the data into a new server. This provided you can leave the site functional for users to be able to do this as this could take some time. Not everyone will know of this.

- I made some specific developpements to customize project. It will be difficult to transfer these specifics developpements.

Could an entire clone of your setup not be transferred to another server; but leave out the user accounts and let the users somehow export them from here and import them to a new server?

As anybody, I'm sad to stop WUProp. For me, it'a a fail.
So, in a first time, I can re-enable the project with some users which will help me to manage the project (Mainly checking and validating new projects, applications, gpu, cpu and android devices. And perhaps coding a new version for android devices)

I can volunteer to check in on this from time to time to help alleviate the load of one person doing this.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Problem with last Android BOINC version 7.18.1 (Message 8751)
Posted 8 Mar 2022 by Skillz
Both v5.11 tasks I received on my Android phones have failed.
Sending message to project owner to see this thread.

We deserve the points AND the wasted hours added to our account. For me it's 4 tasks running 3 threads of 6 hours each tasks (4*3*6) == 72 HOURS WASTED so far.

You right. Now the project is closing instead. Hope your satisfied.
6) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8747)
Posted 8 Mar 2022 by Skillz
Please let someone else either help out here or take over the project. I can provide hosting and do it myself if needed.
7) Message boards : Science : Possible to view VRAM usage and PCI-e lane usage %? (Message 6283)
Posted 2 Sep 2018 by Skillz
Like the title suggests. Is it possible to also monitor and calculate the amount of VRAM the GPU uses on different GPU projects as well as the PCI-e lane usage %?

This way we'll know if their are VRAM limitations on some projects/work units as well as knowing if you'll need a full x1, x4, x8 or x16 slot to benefit from work completion times.

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