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1) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 8467)
Posted 18 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
New Project:

There is an invite code here:

No team creation yet.
Dunno how many tasks they'll create.

Ramanujan Machine
Linux x86_64 only
suggests Ubuntu 20.04, but definitely needs GLIBC_2.29

Please add to WuProp - I (and othere here) already have hours

I spent a very frustrating 7 hours trying to get Fedora 29 (GLIBC 2.28) to upgrade to Fedora 31 (GLIBC 2.30+).
Getting rid of spurious bits of old Fedora distros which where stopping the upgrade dpwnloads, to being able to download the upgrade files but told that the system is not ready to upgrade? (Fedora is currently at version 34, so I am sure version 29 is ready for an upgrade).

Finally got the downloads (for the 4th time at 3.5 GB a hit) to again download, clean up old files, delete unwanted modules and a few other things.
A reboot got me back to Fedora 29? No 31?
When the upgrade finally started (all 6,658 files), it took over 2 hours to run and then did not reboot.

It just ran as Fedora 31, weird?

However I did all this to get some work from RamanujanMachine and find that it had none to give me and I am still waiting to see if what I did allows me to get and process work.

The things we do?

2) Message boards : Number crunching : can't retrieve WU (Message 8423)
Posted 7 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
I had an issue where after the ca-bundle update I could still not get to web sites.
I use Firefox mostly and it does not reference the host computer for certificate information as it has it's own lists, but still could not open some sites.

I had to find and download the ISRG Root X1 file as an individual ".pem" file and then install that into my Windows machine (I needed Google to help find out how to do that and where to put it).
Only then could I access those sites, I did not need to do that on Windows 7 just my older XP machine.

I got my ca-bundle file from the other posts here relating to peer certificates and a posting by den777, worked fine for both my Windows machines.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : can't retrieve WU (Message 8413)
Posted 4 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day TankbusterGames,

I had an issue with two other projects that would still not work after the certificate update and I had to detach and reattach both of them before they would work again.
So try that.

PS.. I see that mmonnin has beaten me.

PPS.. I have been waiting for 3 projects to start downloading work since this certificate episode, but they have not.
Like TankbusterGames they can contact the project servers but don't download any work.
All three are http projects not https but still no go.
I have just detached and re-attached all 3 (Milkyway, TN-Grid, yoyo) and now they have all downloaded a workunit.

I didn't know http was also affected by this certificate thing.

4) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8408)
Posted 4 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
Tenth star!

Welcome to the 200 club Michael, well done.

5) Message boards : Number crunching : Can't attach to Wuprop (Message 8407)
Posted 4 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day KPX,
I also did not get those messages but a few sites were being blocked from access.

But with help from the net (my Windows XP machine was having some issues), I was able to update my certificates in Windows(that is not a straight forward thing to do) and away it went (Windows Explorer still does not work well but I don't use it so not a problem).

After updating the certificates I still had to detach and reattach both Latin Squares and ODLK projects to get them working again.

Using Firefox helps as it does not use the certificates on the computer but uses it own list and that is more up to date than Windows is.

The certificate that is causing the problems concerns HTTPS access to the net so that is why it stops things uploading and downloading.

Linux mostly was not affected as Firefox is a standard issue (at least on Fedora).

PS... Just found that iThena has not been working on my Windows 7 laptop and needed the solution that Den777 provided in the other post that Dr Who Fan links to about Peer certificates, interesting as nothing else was affected.

6) Message boards : Number crunching : Cosmology camb_legacy hr's ? (Message 8393)
Posted 2 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan

From my understanding CAMB and camb_legacy are the same application as it is the original CPU app not a VM based app.

I found this forum posting over at Cosmology@Home

See this post the question you ask here was also asked over there by DoctorNow and Marius gave the answer.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Scheduler request failed: Peer certificate cannot be authenticated with given CA certificates (Message 8388)
Posted 2 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
This is an Expired Certificate issue that does not belong to this or any other projects,

It is a certificate that has expired called IdentTrust DST Root CA X3 that has run from the year 2000 to September 30 2021 and has now expired. Let's Encrypt is the company supplying the certificate.

It deals with HTTPS access to the Web and will stop access if you are using it.
It can't apparently just be extended, and affects most devices prior to 2017. Windows XP Service pack 2 is affected but service pack is not (to a degree), lots of Apple devices and old phones will stop working and can't access the web.

There is a replacement Certificate called ISRG Root X1 and you can get it in a more recent CA Certificate bundle.
Some people have copied the version running in a recent Linux (which does not seem to be affected, probably because Firefox is the only browser that does not rely on the computers certificates to access the net) and then copied that into their Windows machines which seem to have fixed the problem. Or as Den777 posted below by downloading the CA Certificate (what I did) from his posted site.

I updated my CA Certificate bundle and found that only Latin Squares (ODLK1) and ODLK were the only two projects that stopped working.
Even with the updated certificate I had to Remove and Add back each project to get them to work again.

All working again now.

More information is available on the net see Let's Encrypt expiration

8) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8387)
Posted 2 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
Thanks everyone, on-wards to the next one, shouldn't take too long (I am taking a positive outlook here).

9) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8381)
Posted 2 Oct 2021 by Profile Conan
After a long, long time I have gotten my first project past 100,000 hours (purple star), being TN-Grid Platform.

To get another 19 apps to that level could take a very long time or a lottery win.

10) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing hours (Message 8335)
Posted 12 Sep 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day forretrio,

I agree with you that all your hours are not appearing on you account list.

I was at the minecraft site and saw you post over there as well as here.

Just going back a few days with your 7 per day average and 5 hour run times should net you far mare than the 43 hours you are showing here.

At 33+ hours a day I would of thought you would have a few hundred hours after 2 weeks.

WUProp takes 6 hours to run a work unit, so if you are running 12 hours a day that would be 2 WUProp WUs a day returned and that would have all your hours in the returned data.
So unless something is happening with the WUProp work units and some are failing or error out, I don't know why your hours are short.

I can not see your returned WUProp work units so If you check them you may see something.

Sorry I could not be more helpful.

11) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8326)
Posted 3 Sep 2021 by Profile Conan
Just got my 12th star thanks to the 18 new Primegrid apps I cumulated by crunching on this project in memory of Cocagne.
Now it's time to make the colours change...

Way to go modesti, on-wards to the next star.

12) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8312)
Posted 17 Aug 2021 by Profile Conan
Welcome to the 300 club Pete.

13) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8306)
Posted 12 Aug 2021 by Profile Conan
It looks like Sebastien fixed that issue with the Red Adaptro missing entry so with that and the new Minecraft app which I've gone past 100 hrs on this means...

500apps with 100hrs aka 25stars.

Congratulations Bok, very well done. I knew you were close.

I think that makes you just the 4th person to pass 500 applications with 100 hours.

Keep it going, still a lot to get to try and catch zombie67.

14) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8281)
Posted 2 Aug 2021 by Profile Conan
Many thanks for your efforts Conan.

In future, you can remove one line from your list:

Cocagne passed away 2 weeks ago :'( It was sudden and unexpected. We've been good friends for over a decade and I'm still struggling with the thought of her death...

G'Day modesti,

I am truly sorry to hear about your friend and our fellow cruncher.

Cocagne was a long time supporter of many projects here in the BOINC world and was only 2 apps away from reaching 200.

Losing anyone can hurt, someone really close hurts even more, we all feel for your loss and Cocagne's family as well.

I will carry out your wishes next time I process the list (If it hurts you too much I wont place her name in the 'Not running WUProp' list but take it off the page entirely).
I am thinking of removing the 'not running WUProp' list anyway and the 'stopped data export' list as well, they are not really needed. It was mainly to show past efforts compared to the current users.

All the best

15) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8276)
Posted 1 Aug 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day everyone, it's been another long 6 months since my last update, so I know a lot would of changed.

Last year and this year have been really bad for the whole world economies as well as a lot of sadness with this Covid19 thing (still ongoing).

So I hope everyone is well and in good health, or as good as you can be.

A few projects are no longer working but a few others have started up so still lots of applications for people to get.

How many applications were you able to snag and build up 100 hours+ on to get a new star?

zombie 67[MM] has continued to push the envelope and crashed through the 600 application barrier.

Lets see how you fared over the last 6 months.

Bok's "Free-DC" web site shows your hours and how you rank against others (you must allow for the hours export in you account preferences, there is no security problems as no one can access your account).

Just allow the export and as you pass 180 applications I can add you to this list.

Over the last six months

mindcrime is back off the list, stopping data export again.
Tuna Ertemalp is back on the list as he is processing work again.
[SG]MichaelR. is off the list as has no output on WUProp
ALI67 is also off the list due to no output on WUProp
[AF>Amis des Lapins] Nabz67 off the list as no output on WUProp.
dduggan47 off list as no output on WUProp
Nosferatu* off the list as no output on WUProp
Raspo off list as no output on WUProp
Yankton off list as no output on WUProp
Vincent Dark off list as no output on WUProp
Bird Dog off list as no output on WUProp
DrBob off list as no output on WUProp

There has been 2 name changes in the last 6 months (that I noticed anyway)

Cruncher Pete became The Chaser at the beginning of the month but has now changed back to Cruncher Pete again
Skivelitis2 became The Great Cornholio when listed in January but has changed back to Skivelitis2

There were fourteen (14) new people and one (1) returning person added to the list.
Along with twelve (12) persons removed.

Over the past six (6) months up to at least 26 extra applications ([DPC]hansR), have been added to peoples accounts, with the same average of around 10 applications being added per account as per my January comment.

Which shows how many applications are available out there.

You can see how many people have added in my list.

So there are applications out there you just have to want them and find them.

Some people have improved their badge levels with new stars added.

Great to see some first timers on the list, it's good to see how they rank.

Onward we march to add even more applications.

New members last six months

Tuna Ertemalp (returns to list)
Michael H.W. Weber
Michael Goetz
[AF>Alliance Du Nord]Bipleouf


zombie67 [MM] has burst through 600 applications and reached his 30th Star
STEVE not to be left behind too far has gained his 28th Star
Sergey Kovalchuk has now gained his 21st Star
vaughan has passed 400 apps now has his 20th Star
Jeff17 also passed 400 apps and reached his 20th Star
KPX has also gained his 19th Star
Dirk Broer has reached his 18th Star
aendgraend has also gained his 18th Star
emoga also has reached his 18th Star
Bazooka_CZ has reached his 17th Star
nenym has gained his 16th Star
senilix has also gained a 16th Star
philip-in-hongkong also has his 16th Star
RFGuy_KCCO passes 300 apps with a 15th Star
JagDoc also passes 300 apps and gains a 15th Star
Egan Olsen 300 club member with a 15th Star
Dr Who Fan moves to a 14th Star
mmonnin is up to a 14th Star
gaballus another with a 14th Star
shiva has also gained a 14th Star
[AF>Libristes has moved to a 13th Star
yoyo_rkn gets a 13th Star
1scorpion gains a 13th Star
[SG-FC]dingdong is another with a 13th Star
[DPC]hansR gains 26 apps skips 12th star goes straight to a 13th Star
Forest and Friends has reached a 12th Star
meadoel has reached a 12th Star
Gibson Praise has also reached his 12th Star
Weinbert added 16 apps has also reached his 12th Star
conf[MM] with 20 added apps moves to an 11th Star
L@MIR with 16 added apps has climbed to an 11th Star
eisler jiri has also reached his 11th Star
zioriga another reaching an 11th Star
kim-b-h joins them with an 11th Star
Johnbodlis Team also joins in with an 11th Star
bfromcolo another joining in with an 11th Star
eclipse99 also gains an 11th Star
[AF>Amis des Lapins]Xe120reaches higher also with a 11th Star
sorcrosc has reached the 200 club with a 10th Star
Landjunge another 200 club member with a 10th Star
Agus gets to 200 apps with a 10th Star
marmot reaches the 200 club also with a 10th Star
UBT-Timbo another 200 app member with a 10th Star
WNj also steps to 200 with a 10th Star
Daniel 200 apps and climbing higher with a 10th Star
John Napoli also gains 200 apps with a 10th Star
[SG-2W]Kurzer 200 down with a 10th Star
EarlyBird@Zircons also reaches 200 apps with a 10th Star
killik gets to 200 apps with a 10th Star
Trotador passes 200 apps also gets an 10th Star
Nikolay A. Saharov 200 apps passed with a 10th Star
[AF>Alliance Du Nord]Bipleouf hits the list straight at 200 with a 10th Star
Contact lists with a 9th Star
Michael Goetz gets on the list with a 9th Star
[AF>Occitania]franky82 on the list with a 9th Star
Tern name listing with a 9th Star
Michael H.W. Weber joins the list with a 9th Star
Opolis also reaches this list with a 9th Star
[AF>France>Astro]Spica gains a 9th Star
Vato new to the list with a 9th Star
[BS]fred gets a 9th Star
gemini8 another gaining a 9th Star
SEARCHER new listing with a 9th Star
mikey has reached the list with a 9th Star

___ID___|_______Nick/Name__________No. of Apps____No. of Apps____No. of Apps____No. of Apps
___________________________________March 2020____July 2020____January 2021____July 2021

797____|zombie67 [MM]_________________565__________574__________594__________608
131420_|Sergey Kovalchuk______________366__________378__________418__________436
795____|Mumps [MM]____________________383__________389__________393__________398
562____|Cruncher Pete_________________372__________375__________383__________390
2826___|Dirk Broer____________________336__________341__________356__________369
1201___|bill brandt-gasuen______________305__________309__________314__________316
2977___|joe carnivore_________________293__________297__________310__________316
6746___|Steve Dodd____________________278__________291__________308__________309
6532___|Egon Olsen____________________280__________285__________291__________301
2101___|Pete Broad____________________269__________280__________289__________298
132423_|[B@P] Daniel__________________267__________277__________283__________285
4482___|Dr Who Fan____________________258__________268__________278__________285
7558___|[AF>Amis des Lapins] Phil1966_249____________252__________261__________274
857____|[SG-FC] hl____________________244__________250__________262__________273
976____|Vit Kliber_____________________265__________269__________270__________272
1223___|[SG-FC] dingdong______________245__________248__________254__________260
9471___|[DPC] hansR___________________210__________219__________234__________260
4732___|Maurice Goulois_______________216__________216__________249__________256
742____|[AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005__218__________225__________243__________252
1640___|[AF>Kirass>MPF] Nafrayou______235__________237__________246__________250
1364___|Forest and friends______________225__________228__________235__________246
96608__|Gibson Praise_________________209__________225__________233__________241
8567___|KWSN-SpongeBob SquarePants__234__________235__________237__________239
995____|Sir Stooper____________________190__________216__________228__________235
130872_|Tuna Ertemalp_________________222__________222__________222__________224
4494___|eisler jiri_____________________210__________213__________214__________224
1324___|Johnbodlis team_______________195__________201__________211__________221
5631___|[AF>Amis des Lapins] Xe120____203__________205__________210__________220
7526___|Boogyman Munster______________196__________203__________211__________213
3069___|Stanley A Bourdon_____________194__________195__________204__________205
7433___|John Napoli____________________...__________187__________192__________204
118920_|[AF>Alliance Du Nord] Bipleouf_______...__________...__________...__________201
80_____|Nikolay A. Saharov____________190__________193__________196__________200
1739___|[AF>Libristes] Pascal___________186__________190__________196__________198
7138___|Michael Goetz____________________...__________...__________...__________196
805____|John P. Myers_________________188__________191__________193__________195
4236___|Mihail Kapareliotis____________180__________182__________190__________192
108398_|Dave GPU______________________...__________...__________181__________188
8918___|[AF>EDLS] Jakez Sulli_________...__________...__________184__________185
5357___|Michael H.W. Weber____________...__________...__________...__________185
1496___|[B S] fred_______________________...__________...__________...__________184

No Longer Running WUProp /or not producing any output.
1071 | reklov | 244 >> 248 >> 250 >> 251 >> 257 >> 261 >> 262 >> 267 >> 270 >> 273 >> 273 >> 273
2536 | james ying | 193 >> 193 >> 193 >> 193
117736| UlrichZeller | 255 >> 255 >> 256 >> 256
1345 | Extra Ball | 201 >> 201 >> 201 >> 201
6346 | Steve Hawker* | 378 >> 378 >> 378 >> 378 >> 378 >> 379
131051| NOSTROMUS | 194 >> 194 >> 194 >> 194
3134 | fthibaud0001 | 266 >> 266 >> 266 >> 268 >> 268
1882 | B.Johannson | 265 >> 265 >> 265 >> 265
4056 | Alexis Kravtchenko | 210 >> 210 >> 210 >> 210 >> 210
801 | Maxwell[MM] | 214 >> 214 >> 215 >> 215 >> 215 >> 215

5956~~~~|Yago AB~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|260~~~~~~~|260

130872~~|Tuna Ertemalp~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|222~~~~~~~|222



5969____|Vincent Dark_____182_____182
1114____|[AF>Amis des Lapins] Nabz37_____236_____238_____247_____252_____255_____255

No longer allowing data export
2317 | morgan | 261 >> 261 >> 261 >> 261 >> 261
9472 | Scole of TSBT | 209 >> 261

A lot of movement all over the list, with some big jumps by some and sitting still by others, not everyone chases all applications available.
Lots of position changes.

Bok has created a new listing which can help you find apps to run, you have to allow the data export so he can gather information for you.

Congratulations to all the people who earned new badges, well done.

I do hope I didn't miss anybody, and I do hope I got everyone's names correct, scanning the stats list to find people and going in and counting all their apps does take time (hours). Placing them in this list takes even longer ( more hours). The list is now so big that it takes most of a day (on and off) to get it all together.

I had taken down all the data back at the beginning of the month. But home issues took precedence and I had to put it on the back burner. Renovating my office with some paint and a floating floor slowed me down as well.
So I had to redo everyone's data and picked up some new people for the list, also a lot of apps were added during the month to peoples accounts.

A huge number of people have added new applications and gained extra stars, it makes it hard for me to keep up (this has taken over 7 hours across 2 days and other interruptions plus a computer freeze have all slowed me down).

A minor milestone for me was passing over 2,000,000 hours on WUProp.

Still working on upgrading stars with what I have is all part of the fun?
A new app here and there pushes me toward 380 apps, forward we go.

On-wards with the fun.

(I try very hard to get the information in this list correct, both peoples names and the number of applications they have recorded. The names are what I try to monitor the most as I want them to be correct, it ruins things if there are mistakes and could upset people which I don't want to do).

If people were very close to getting another star I have added it anyway, as you probably have that star today anyway.

(Lining up and editing this page to make the data line up so that is readable is a real pain, it has taken an extra 40 minutes to sort the columns out, this HTML stuff is not very good at this sort of thing.)

As it is now 3.30 AM I am going to bed (I started this originally about 7.00PM before getting interrupted a few times).

Keep on smiling it makes others wonder what you have been up to.

16) Message boards : Number crunching : Missing hours (Message 8259)
Posted 23 Jul 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day people,

I posted in another thread about missing hours for 3_GAIA.

Having checked a bit further under host activity it seems that W
U Prop thinks I have not done any work for the project going back the last week.

I have the credit on Free-DC and the work units on my account at GAIA to prove I have done the work in the last day, but no hours show here.

Anyone else have this issue?

17) Message boards : Number crunching : Gaia WU fishing strategy? (Message 8258)
Posted 23 Jul 2021 by Profile Conan
G'Day all,

Did any other people running GAIA get their hours credited to them recently?
I processed 12 work units that ran for 2.5 hours each and have had nothing appear on my account. There should be 30 odd hours added.
There has been at least 4 updates since the work units were processed but still no hours.

18) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8145)
Posted 6 May 2021 by Profile Conan
Well done Vato, your name will go up in lights next time I run listing of biggest number of Apps run to over 100 hours.

19) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8054)
Posted 14 Apr 2021 by Profile Conan
My 14th star has turned to GOLD.


Taken a year to move up one more colour, hope the next one is a bit quicker.

Not sure what my next goal is at the moment but I will figure one out.

20) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 8028)
Posted 4 Apr 2021 by Profile Conan
That's brilliant zombie, going to hard for others to get anywhere near you (except maybe STEVE).

Way to go.


Next 20

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