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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WUProp@home:notice from sever (Message 679)
Posted 4 May 2012 by idahofisherman
How do you reset the computer to get more than one WU per day? I have rebooted the computer to fix what was causing the errors (7.0.27 BOINC), and tried the reset command in Boinc. Still I get the message that my computer is not qualified to run these WUs. It always has been in the Past. Can you fix it?
2) Questions and Answers : Windows : iNVALID SIGNATURE ON UPLOAD (Message 640)
Posted 13 Oct 2011 by idahofisherman
I get the following messages on my uploads. Is there a fix?

278 WUProp@Home 13-10-2011 10:57 AM Computation for task wu_v3_1317834800_243748_0 finished
279 WUProp@Home 13-10-2011 10:57 AM Started upload of wu_v3_1317834800_243748_0_0
280 WUProp@Home 13-10-2011 10:57 AM [error] Error reported by file upload server: invalid signature
281 WUProp@Home 13-10-2011 10:57 AM Giving up on upload of wu_v3_1317834800_243748_0_0: permanent upload error

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