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1) Message boards : News : Project revival (Message 9320)
Posted 27 Sep 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
You cannot create a new topic in the News section, you can in the other sections.

I have no idea how the "team edit" page works - I assume you have your own team, I don't :)
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Issues with Mac and Linux tasks (Message 8862)
Posted 28 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005

I think there are some issues / only few running hours beeing recorded

On a Mac

Stderr output
09:30:05 (84526): initialisation
No NVIDIA library found
10:11:05 (84526): can't connect to localhost10:11:05 (84526): Erreur reception active_result
10:27:05 (84526): can't connect to localhost10:27:05 (84526): Erreur reception active_result
10:30:05 (84526): called boinc_finish


On a linux debian VM

Stderr output
09:36:28 (12679): initialisation
Erreur assignation taille wu
Erreur assignation taille application
Erreur assignation taille wu
Erreur assignation taille application
09:54:29 (12679): Erreur reception active_result
Erreur assignation taille wu
Erreur assignation taille wu
Erreur assignation taille wu
Erreur assignation taille wu
10:36:29 (12679): called boinc_finish


On a windows host they seem to work well.


EDIT : oh actually on the Mac the last task seem much better now !

EDIT2 : digging more it seems that the hours reported on the "last 24 hours activity" are much smaller than the hours I can see on my main account page.
3) Message boards : News : Project revival (Message 8841)
Posted 22 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
"Thanks for your patience."

4) Message boards : News : Project revival (Message 8828)
Posted 20 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Excellent news !!! :)
5) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8817)
Posted 16 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Thanks a lot for your quick answer Michael, this is a great and comforting news :)
6) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8812)
Posted 16 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
In the l'AF forum Sebastien has mentioned (in the public part of the forum) that PrimeGrid project admins have contacted him and proposed to take over the project.

Personally I think it is a great news that qualified admin(s) of a well-known boinc project express such an interest.

Hopefully a solution is found, I'm crying without my hours to stars !

Also let's not forget that WUProp is not only about stars, it's a wonderful technical database to have precious information on boinc ecosystem. And the fact that it gives stars encourages crunchers to attach their machines to boinc, and therefore feed the DB with up-to-date data all the time. It's a very clever positive feedback loop.
7) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8741)
Posted 8 Mar 2022 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
This is definitively a terrible news.

I completely understand that Sebastien is doing so many (too many) things for boinc

- WUProp
- StatSeb
- Admin AF portal
- Admin AF forum
- Signature for BOINC user
+ what I forget.

all this on personal time and passion.

A skilled IT / dev maybe take the job, if Seb is willing to give it, but passion and personal time will always be the requisite.
8) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6268)
Posted 17 Aug 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
btw - what is SAM? Am'I missing something?

(I think there is only a French version, but maybe I'm wrong)

And DHEP is now managed everywhere.
9) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6236)
Posted 30 Jul 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Yep DHEP is not considered yet, neither in SAM nor StatSeb, the announcement done by admin that his project is "live" is fairly recent, and it's holidays time around here too.

For GPUGRID I can't say, I'm not into it.
10) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6234)
Posted 29 Jul 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Things not working ? like what ? (examples)
11) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6040)
Posted 8 Mar 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Of course !

And I'm not expert in that part but I'm not 100% sure you need to run 2 boinc instance to deal with your PrimeGrid/GPU issue, I think this could be achieved through config files, but again I'm not knowledgeable enough on that part...
(for instance see <exclude_gpu>)
(seems quite empty here)

I can ask at l'AF forum if you wish
12) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6033)
Posted 2 Mar 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Unfortunately it seems Seb got bored over the top, he is not answering us on the AF forum neither... for the moment things are like that.

On the other hand he has always been doing most things he does without talking much about it, we would have problems on the <various/many> services he is running (WUProp, SAM, AF forums, StatSeb website, signature system(s), etc), we would complain about them (shame on us) and suddenly they would get fixed and voila.

So let's cross fingers, touch wood, eat fortune cookies and wish him the best.
13) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6023)
Posted 25 Feb 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
+ being not happy about what <some people> consider like "unfair change of rules" (in their point of view) was a fairly good reason to

- detach from the project since they didn't like it anymore, and stop wasting their own time here trying <whatever they were trying to do>

- develop their own boinc project with their own rules, to do something similar and/or better (in their point of view) and propose it to the boinc community
14) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6017)
Posted 25 Feb 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
You (Coleslaw) are trying to defend your views by saying that "anyway WUProp has been crap since the beginning"... really impressive and mature.

I trust Seb 200% as highly technically skilled and experienced and knowing very well from inside how boinc project can be working, to be able to define fair rules about how he wants his own WUProp project to work. And the last part of this sentence is enough anyway. Endless arguing is useless and is precisely what made him fed-up I think...
15) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6007)
Posted 24 Feb 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
I think Seb (who is the only person to develop and maintain and support the project since the beginning) has been really affected by the aggressiveness of some users here and the continuous effort he had to produce in order to avoid cheaters to produce fake data into WUProp (just so they can get more stars maybe ? I'm not even sure I understood why there were doing this actually) and after posting some warnings here, he just gave up... which is sad and terrible. Because, you understand it well, nobody will be able to replace him on this project.

At the end we (at l'AF) will accept his choice anyway, we are just really sad about it, and don't loose hope that he may reconsider his decision in the future.
16) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 6005)
Posted 24 Feb 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
Hi mmonnin, thanks for your post.

The reason there is a rush of AF member here and now is because, "unfortunately", we are used to have a "direct access" to Seb through the AF forum, we have a topic for WUProp there and most of us are used to post questions and report issues about WUProp to him there, and we all know that Seb is over busy on many topics and we just wait a few days and boom, the issue is magically fixed (= Seb).

So (most of us) never come here in this forum : you can see this is my 3rd post here, and I’v been (very) active in l'AF since maybe 10 years of more...

So we (most of us) realized only very recently the nature of the problem happening here because Seb would not really complain about it in l’AF forum, and the pity it is that Seb had been "fighting" against this issue mainly alone (appart from other users like you that I can see have been defending him, thanks a lot for that), and especially he announced us a few days ago that he had stoped maintaining WUProp because of this !

So you can easily understand our feeling of urgency here, we are sorry that we didn't speak our voice earlier and we really hope that Seb will find the courage to continue to maintain this wonderful project (among all the other things he has been doing for Boinc and l'AF over the years).
17) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 5998)
Posted 23 Feb 2018 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
This project has never been a scientific project like all other traditional boinc project, it was never funded by any university or anything like that, no dev team behing, only Seb and his own time (a lot), passion and money. Plus the help for Alliance Francophone members volunteer donations (money for hosting).

This project is a technical project, a wonderful idea and resource *for* the boinc community, ie for people interested in running other boinc scientific projects, to help them choose what’s best for their own crunching need, by knowing the real impact of all the other boinc projects depending on the material used (CPU, GPU, by plateform). WUProp results are the funding purpose and main use of WUProp, when we run WUProp we help ourselves, we don’t help WUProp.

Its purpose is not to give boinc credits, or reward anybody, due to scientific volunteering. However it has been giving credits since the beginning (more than enough considering its goal). Personally I think that WUProp should not grant *any* credit, but because a number of cruncher only install and run boinc because of credits (…), I think Seb thought it was a small incentive to do so, and allow a wider range of machines to feed the database, and make the benefit bigger for the community.

As a secondary purpose, Seb had the great idea of providing specific "star badges" in order to promote little projects not well known, by giving them the same weight than big projects, only based on the *actual* number of *hours* crunching on real cores (being physical or virtual on physical machines) for each sub-project (applications) of each project. Exactly like Formula Boinc but at a sub-project / application level. Particularly useful for those people who just crunch for the credits, another incentive.

I didn’t read all the whining written by a number of people above (only some bits, there is too much), who seem to consider that WUProp (ie Seb) “owe them” <something>, that they have rights to decide what WUProp should do or not, just because they are big crunchers and they provide a lots of results to WUprop (or not) : I don’t need to, they just don’t understand what this project purpose is, how it is maintained (= Seb) and under which conditions (time, and money).

Seb has 200% the right to decide the way WUProp is working, whatever rules he thinks are best for his project, period.

And the fact that he got so fed-up by all the endless whingeing crybabies that he decided to let WUProp down is such an immense and tragic harm to the crunch community, and those people are to blame.

The best thing would be that those people simply detach from WUProp on all their numerous precious machines, virtual, fake, or whatever, and bon voyage. The most efficient thing would be to simply ban them from WUProp, themselves and their precious machines, because the crunch community really doesn’t need people who have such selfish and misplaced self-esteem and make so much counterproductive fuss here.
18) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac OS 10.6.2 (Message 20)
Posted 28 Mar 2010 by Profile [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005
So far so good on my iMac too !

Thanks Seb, let us know when you have a result page (I understand it won't be the same one as the current one ?)

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