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ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
Asteroids@homePeriod Search Application4,235.630.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v1 (NCI) - Generator/1 seed2,643.780.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v2 (NCI) - Seeker/1 seed2,542.470.00
PrimeGridPPS (Sieve)2,264.470.00
SETI@homeSETI@home v71,760.420.00
World Community GridOpenZika1,665.470.00
World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers1,329.720.00
yoyo@homeCruncher ogr1,183.520.00
World Community GridOutsmart Ebola Together1,159.580.00
Collatz ConjectureMini Collatz Conjecture1,099.580.00
Universe@Homeuniverse-xray sources v31,049.050.00
NFS@Home16e Lattice Sieve V5831.580.00
climateprediction.netWeather At Home 2 (wah2)807.130.00
rosetta@homeRosetta Mini782.220.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Phase 2675.370.00
NFS@Home14e Lattice Sieve637.820.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v3 (NCI) - Generator/Word seed615.530.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v4 (NCI) - Seeker/Word seed595.730.00
Citizen Science GridSubsetSum@Home Sum Calculator583.480.00
Universe@HomeUniverse BHspin579.750.00
DENIS@HomeDENIS Stable version used to fill the Markers Database547.150.00
World Community GridThe Clean Energy Project - Phase 2533.250.00
Enigma@HomeEnigma 0.76b531.370.00
NFS@Home15e Lattice Sieve528.380.00
Poem@HomePOEM++ OpenCL version464.850.00
World Community GridUncovering Genome Mysteries453.500.00
Collatz ConjectureCollatz Sieve398.430.00
SZTAKI Desktop GridRiemann Zeta Research Project398.170.00
SAT@homePD-SAT for cryptology375.200.00
BURPBlender (Windows)335.700.00
SETI@homeAstroPulse v7328.580.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average2278.180.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average273.980.00
DistributedDataMiningBiological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification260.120.00
Leiden ClassicalClassical258.030.00
PrimeGridGenefer 18248.550.00
SRBaseRiesel Base - short245.980.00
Universe@HomeUniverse BHspin v2231.400.00
Citizen Science GridDNA@Home Gibbs Sampler218.330.00
World Community GridSmash Childhood Cancer210.230.00
PrimeGridGenefer 21198.030.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Australia New Zealand189.930.00
Moo! Client181.730.00
PrimeGridGenefer 19174.280.00
malariacontrol.netopenMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch A)169.100.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)167.100.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decic Fields166.370.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - long163.450.00
SRBaseRiesel Base157.270.00
SETI@homeSETI@home v8151.970.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decics with Bounded Discriminant142.020.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Vina140.130.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base137.250.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average3129.430.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base124.850.00
CAS@homeICT Protein Structure Prediction(2nd Generation)114.280.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - short114.070.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base - short106.250.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Parkes PMPS XT)68.030.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Pacific North West62.470.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Africa54.870.00
PrimeGridAP27 Search48.270.00
Universe@Home Testuniverse - xray45.880.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - long231.450.00
BURPBlender (GPU)28.380.00
DENIS@HomeCarro-Rodriguez-Laguna-Pueyo Epicardial Model (Carro et al. 2011) for human ventricular cells21.650.00
DENIS@HomeDENIS Project that replicate the calculus made in Literature and fill the Markers Database11.500.00
SZTAKI Desktop GridNumSys Search8.130.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadCM3 short2.780.00
PrimeGridGenefer 17 Low1.780.00
Cosmology@Homecamb_boinc2docker (beta test)0.370.00
PrimeGridGenefer 160.020.00

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