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#ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
1 LHC@homeATLAS Simulation115,689.600.00
2 PrimeGridPPS (Sieve)53,454.050.00
3 yoyo@homeCruncher ogr25,423.700.00
4 collatzCollatz Sieve10,207.820.00
5 ATLAS@homeATLAS Simulation Running on Multiple Core8,050.730.00
6 yoyo@homeecm7,605.850.00
7 Gridcoin FinanceGridcoin Finance6,620.270.00
8 DENIS@HomeBeta Testing Version of D.E.N.I.S Application3,888.000.00
9 rosetta@homeRosetta Mini603.570.00
10 SETI@homeSETI@home v7515.180.00
11 DENIS@HomeCarro-Rodriguez-Laguna-Pueyo Epicardial Model (Carro et al. 2011) for human ventricular cells109.630.00
12 Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)98.450.00
13 yoyo@homeMuon97.500.00
14 World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers68.270.00
15 GPUGRIDLong runs (8-12 hours on fastest card)56.820.00
16 yoyo@homeevolution@home31.880.00
17 DistributedDataMiningBiological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification4.270.00
18 SETI@homeAstroPulse v73.020.00
19 Cosmology@Homecamb_boinc2docker2.130.00
20 Asteroids@homePeriod Search Application1.100.00
21 Milkyway@HomeMilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation0.500.00

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