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WUProp@Home member since13 Apr 2017
CountryUnited States
Total credit42,728
Recent average credit44.39
Total hours123,588
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#ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
1 World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Phase 213,829.280.00
2 BURPBlender11,152.270.00
3 Enigma@HomeEnigma AV10,728.370.00
4 World Community GridMicrobiome Immunity Project8,384.270.00
5 GoofyxGrid@Home NCIMonkeys v1 (NCI) - Generator/1 seed6,934.230.00
6 GoofyxGrid@Home NCIMonkeys v3 (NCI) - Generator/Word seed6,840.900.00
7 GoofyxGrid@Home NCIMonkeys v2 (NCI) - Seeker/1 seed6,511.250.00
8 GoofyxGrid@Home NCIMonkeys v4 (NCI) - Seeker/Word seed6,441.230.00
9 World Community GridOpenZika6,158.630.00
10 Enigma@HomeEnigma 0.76b5,489.030.00
11 yoyo@homeCruncher ogr5,476.530.00
12 World Community GridOutsmart Ebola Together5,239.320.00
13 World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers4,963.150.00
14 Citizen Science GridEXACT Batch Norm With Pooling CNN Trainer4,879.470.00
15 World Community GridSmash Childhood Cancer4,731.080.00
16 rosetta@homeRosetta Mini4,165.250.00
17 World Community GridHelp Stop TB2,860.000.00
18 Citizen Science GridEXACT Batch Norm With Scaled FMP CNN Trainer2,497.630.00
19 TN-Grid Platformgene@home PC-IM1,351.100.00
20 Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Convolutional Neural Network Trainer1,313.270.00
21 Rosetta@homeRosetta827.600.00
22 SETI@homeSETI@home v8817.580.00
23 Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Batch Norm CNN Trainer808.170.00
24 rosetta@homeRosetta Mini for Android565.230.00
25 BURPBlender (Windows)414.000.00
26 World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Vina183.520.00
27 Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Batch CNN Trainer 2.025.750.00

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