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WUProp@Home member since27 Nov 2018
CountryNew Zealand
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#ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
1 NumberFields@homeGet Decic Fields5,700.200.00
2 Rosetta@homeRosetta4,896.000.00
3 NFS@Home15e Lattice Sieve3,448.420.00
4 Amicable NumbersAmicable Numbers up to 10^213,020.720.00
5 Cosmology@HomeCAMB2,379.470.00
6 Milkyway@HomeMilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation1,908.120.00
7 yoyo@homeCruncher ogr1,806.520.00
8 Rake search of diagonal Latin squaresRakeSearch for rank 101,803.200.00
9 NFS@Home14e Lattice Sieve1,511.000.00
10 SETI@homeSETI@home v81,475.930.00
11 climateprediction.netWeather At Home 2 (wah2)1,425.030.00
12 yoyo@homeSiever1,324.750.00
13 yoyo@homeecm1,296.970.00
14 SETI@home Beta TestSETI@home v81,279.020.00
15 Asteroids@homePeriod Search Application1,236.080.00
16 climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution1,201.900.00
17 Universe@HomeUniverse BHspin v21,038.650.00
18 Milkyway@HomeMilkyWay@Home999.120.00
19 Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave search O2 Multi-Directional734.570.00
20 Rake search of diagonal Latin squaresRakeSearch688.350.00
21 Einstein@HomeGamma-ray pulsar search #5586.980.00
22 LHC@homeSixTrack538.180.00
23 Rosetta@homeRosetta Mini500.750.00
24 Amicable NumbersAmicable Numbers up to 10^20417.380.00
25 Acoustics@homeSSPEMDD412.600.00
26 Rake search of diagonal Latin squaresSAT-based search for orthogonal pairs of DLS of order 10366.850.00
27 Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo,GBT,long)346.480.00
28 Einstein@HomeGamma-ray pulsar binary search #1 on GPUs313.280.00
29 NFS@Home16e Lattice Sieve V5286.920.00
30 Einstein@HomeContinuous Gravitational Wave search O2 All-Sky258.950.00
31 LHC@homeATLAS Simulation242.330.00
32 Cosmology@Homecamb_boinc2docker235.930.00
33 climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadCM3 short233.170.00
34 LHC@homeTheory Simulation216.800.00
35 Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave All-sky search on LIGO O1 Open Data206.030.00
36 SETI@home Beta TestAstroPulse v7139.320.00
37 Citizen Science GridEXACT Batch Norm With Scaled FMP CNN Trainer106.780.00
38 SETI@homeAstroPulse v796.130.00
39 climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM4 at N144 resolution90.780.00
40 Rake search of diagonal Latin squaresJoint search of ODLS9 with Gerasim project73.180.00
41 Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave Engineering run on LIGO O1 Open Data38.770.00
42 Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)36.350.00
43 Enigma@HomeEnigma AV16.530.00
44 Universe@HomeUniverse ULX10.220.00

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