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WUProp@Home member since7 Sep 2010
Total credit539,194
Recent average credit368.69

Projects in which skgiven is participating

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Total creditAverage creditSince
GPUGRID 682,537,969 1,506,169 23 Apr 2009
MilkyWay@home 17,736,581 7,906 22 Dec 2007
World Community Grid 22,600,470 3,193 22 Mar 2007
SIMAP 667,954 1,275 6 Jun 2006
POEM@HOME 111,174,696 1,069 4 Jan 2010
IBERCIVIS 365,125 998 23 Jan 2009
Einstein@Home 2,528,438 687 27 Nov 2009
WUProp@Home 539,123 363 7 Sep 2010
Najmanovich Research Group 105,079 344 30 Nov 2012
Albert@Home 2,689,513 276 14 Oct 2012
theSkyNet POGS 1,197,767 254 14 Oct 2012
BURP 22,517 226 10 Oct 2013
EDGeS@Home 60,351 187 21 Mar 2013
yoyo@home 367,169 147 15 Apr 2008
eOn 145,616 55 30 Nov 2012
Volpex@UH 39,405 47 27 Jul 2013
Constellation 261,442 31 19 Apr 2011
Asteroids@home 1,064,840 24 28 Jul 2012 390,939 22 23 Apr 2007
Distributed Data Mining 100,539 6 7 Jan 2013
MindModeling@Home 151,625 3 6 Oct 2012
OPTIMA@HOME 20,294 0 21 Mar 2013
SimOne@home 11,042 0 2 Mar 2012
Correlizer 66,495 0 28 Sep 2011
FightMalaria 422,238 0 27 Jul 2012
Superlink@Technion 113,536 0 20 Jul 2007
Plagiarism@Home 5,621 0 18 Oct 2013
Rioja Science 49,260 0 30 Nov 2012
SLinCA@Home 42,870 0 18 Aug 2012
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid 32,004 0 2 Mar 2012 1,312,502 0 5 Jun 2006
Cosmology@Home 200,340 0 21 Dec 2010
RNA World 513,229 0 11 Feb 2010
Rosetta@home 336,190 0 7 Jun 2006
CAS@home 101,114 0 11 Sep 2010
Lattice Project 157,103 0 23 Oct 2009
Message boards154 posts
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
GPUGRID Long runs (8-12 hours on fastest card)27,528.2711.62
World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers26,243.7715.70
Docking Charmm 34a220,905.0020.43
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home - Vina15,166.1856.70
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home13,388.0021.87
Radioactive@Home Radioactivity Monitor9,609.989.33
World Community Grid The Clean Energy Project - Phase 29,134.5212.52
Quake-Catcher Network QCN Sensor8,788.65113.20
Poem@Home POEM++ OpenCL version7,848.830.00
World Community Grid Human Proteome Folding - Phase 27,319.280.00
World Community Grid Help Conquer Cancer7,225.720.00
pogs fitsedwrapper6,210.100.00
World Community Grid Drug Search for Leishmaniasis6,142.250.00
Asteroids@home Period Search Application5,865.920.30
FreeHAL@home FreeHAL 2012 app5,658.480.00
eon2 eon client5,652.570.00
World Community Grid Say No to Schistosoma5,442.070.00
boincsimap BOINCSIMAP simap application5,408.320.25
World Community Grid GO Fight Against Malaria5,289.430.00
Poem@Home POEM++5,218.580.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
fightmalaria@home vina5,215.350.00
Constellation TrackJack5,073.220.00
GPUGRID Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card)3,620.420.53
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)3,131.820.00
GPUGRID ACEMD beta version3,030.630.00 UK Met Office Coupled Model Full Resolution Ocean2,962.570.00
NRG FlexAID Docking2,961.630.00
ibercivis Drug liberation simulations at the nanoscale2,633.630.00
ibercivis mcgi, beta app2,507.480.00 openMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemology and control (Branch A)1,928.570.00
Cosmology@Home CAMB1,886.970.00
Albert@Home Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)1,808.100.00
QMC@HOME cleanmobility.now1,775.330.00 UK Met Office HADAM3P Australia New Zealand1,759.88142.90
Rioja Science Triatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation S21,478.680.00
CAS@home ICT Protein Structure Prediction(2nd Generation)1,415.950.00
DistributedDataMining Biological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification1,409.950.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)1,397.120.00
EDGeS@Home Autodock VINA1,395.080.00
World Community Grid Computing for Clean Water1,298.050.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
RNA World cmsearch VM (VirtualBox) 1.0.21,252.900.00 openMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemology and control (Branch B)1,246.700.00
Einstein@Home Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)1,214.380.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation1,178.400.00
yoyo@home evolution@home1,090.980.00
BURP Blender1,077.580.00
Donate@Home test alpha. Required: Internet connection, allow in antivirus, not for XP1,074.120.00
Milkyway@Home Milkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)1,051.720.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)1,050.020.00
physics@home Simple Cubic crystals cohrence sintering nano1,044.070.00
rosetta@home Rosetta Mini1,036.730.00
MindModeling@Beta ACT-R cognitive modeling environment leveraging Clozure Common Lisp1,017.070.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home1,015.530.25
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)949.350.10
The Lattice Project GARLI832.780.00
yoyo@home Muon831.8312.05
Albert@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #2806.080.00
physics@home FCC sintering798.280.00 openMalaria test version787.650.00
Einstein@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #2754.600.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
climateathome modeE of Climate at Home694.370.00
correlizer Correlizer Applications658.630.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid BioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care610.820.00 UK Met Office HADAM3P European Region602.680.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)601.770.00
GPUGRID CPU only app580.730.00
Albert@Home Gravitational Wave S6 LineVeto search (extended)544.050.00
Einstein@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #3525.620.00
Plagiarism@Home Web checker489.100.00
World Community Grid Beta Test466.000.00
OPTIMA@HOME Advanced asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words445.030.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ40 - MIN:runtime~32h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB443.920.00
Einstein@Home Gravitational Wave S6 LineVeto search (extended)401.930.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ32 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB346.800.00
CAS@home Tsinghua Nano Tech Research338.480.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - Boinc Statistical correlization analysis for genome research321.180.00
Constellation Tycho320.250.00
World Community Grid Help Fight Childhood Cancer319.200.00
MindModeling@Beta Native Python v2.7 Application273.830.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ38 - MIN:runtime~28h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB266.800.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ36 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB266.750.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ34 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB254.980.00
physics@home simple cubic sintering nano R=2x50 r=30250.720.00
BURP SunflowerBlender (Linux)242.180.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ22 - MIN:runtime~16h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~536MB,HDD~60MB231.350.00
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home224.780.00
RNA World cmsearch S (short) 1.0.2207.800.00
physics@home Rendering film sintering nano193.120.00
Constellation CometTrails: IMEX - Cometary Dust Trails in Space180.450.00
VolPEx REMD Protein Folding177.830.00
GPUGRID Run on android only152.230.00
physics@home coherence film sintering nano150.750.00
OPTIMA@HOME Asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words135.600.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)131.370.00
physics@home Diffusional Growth128.980.00
EDGeS@Home Riemann Zeta Research Project103.870.00
RNA World cmsearch XXL (long) 1.0.2100.850.00
Constellation IMEX: Cometary Dust Trails in Space86.350.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search85.1315.22
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home - VINA56.450.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
EDGeS@Home Autodock 4.2.350.620.00
physics@home Rendering Simple Cubic crystals nano R=2x50 r=3049.670.00
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home - AutoDock37.080.00
GPUGRID ACEMD2: GPU molecular dynamics32.620.00
VolPEx VolPEx server benchmark18.420.00
ralph@home Rosetta Mini16.650.00
EDGeS@Home Generic BOINC Application Client7.580.00
physics@home Analytical films test quality wrapper4.570.00
Drug@Home SHAFTS4.480.00
GPUGRID acemd short runs cuda 3.23.600.00
VolPEx Sieve1.720.00
World Community Grid Beta - Say No to Schistosoma1.630.00
ralph@home Rosetta Mini Beta0.850.00
BURP SunflowerBlender0.420.00
Constellation Scilab Alpha Test0.400.00
yoyo@home Odd Weird Search0.050.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid 3D Rendering Application0.020.00

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