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WUProp@Home member since30 Oct 2010
CountryCzech Republic
Total credit1,033,383
Recent average credit353.49
Total hours1,324,878
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TeamCzech National Team
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Applications in Red have been inactive in last 30 days
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
rosetta@homeRosetta Mini163,004.42274.62
World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers85,581.8213.25
malariacontrol.netopenMalaria test version51,603.900.00
GPUGRIDShort runs (2-3 hours on fastest card)46,613.430.00
boincsimapBOINCSIMAP simap application40,419.050.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Phase 230,915.4714.10
GPUGRIDLong runs (8-12 hours on fastest card)30,630.9742.00
The Lattice ProjectGARLI30,621.320.00
World Community GridThe Clean Energy Project - Phase 228,885.870.00
World Community GridOpenZika27,193.776.03
World Community GridUncovering Genome Mysteries25,792.270.00
World Community GridOutsmart Ebola Together23,668.870.00
Collatz ConjectureCollatz Sieve21,380.8747.98
Collatz ConjectureSolo Collatz Conjecture21,365.520.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Vina20,331.124.78
DockingCharmm 34a219,453.420.00
World Community GridSmash Childhood Cancer16,992.000.00
Rioja ScienceTriatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation S216,865.500.00
AlmereGrid Boinc GridBioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care16,421.500.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - AutoDock16,071.870.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Python v2.7 Application14,554.700.00
Poem@HomePOEM++ OpenCL version13,832.630.00
MindModeling@BetaACT-R cognitive modeling environment leveraging Clozure Common Lisp13,437.670.00
malariacontrol.netopenMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch A)13,400.830.00
NRGFlexAID Docking13,139.950.00
FreeHAL@homeFreeHAL 2012 app11,149.350.00
ATLAS@homeATLAS Simulation10,329.080.00
RNA Worldcmsearch XXL (long) 1.0.29,376.970.00
World Community GridSay No to Schistosoma9,269.330.00
DENIS@HomeDENIS Stable version used to fill the Markers Database7,173.670.00
correlizerCorrelizer Applications6,823.530.00
Citizen Science GridEXACT Convolutional Neural Network Trainer6,788.630.00
World Community GridGO Fight Against Malaria6,117.530.00
MindModeling@BetaNative [R] v2.15.1 Application6,103.130.00
Collatz Conjecturecollatz6,102.880.00
Citizen Science GridSubsetSum@Home Sum Calculator5,910.620.00
ATLAS@homeATLAS Simulation Running on Multiple Core5,900.870.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - BoincStatistical correlization analysis for genome research5,448.650.00
World Community GridHelp Stop TB5,093.9326.25
Collatz ConjectureLarge Collatz Conjecture4,941.780.00
FiND@HomeAutodock Vina4,877.320.00
ibercivisSearch for wilson primes4,692.320.00
ibercivisDrug liberation simulations at the nanoscale4,270.920.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - BoincBioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care3,983.900.00
VirtualLHC@homeLHCb Simulations3,951.600.00
VirtualLHC@homeCMS Simulation3,860.570.00
ralph@homeRosetta Mini Beta3,821.570.00
ralph@homeRosetta Mini3,628.830.00
World Community GridDrug Search for Leishmaniasis3,384.830.00
Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Convolutional Neural Network Trainer3,353.720.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Pypy v1.9 Application3,103.120.00
LHC@homeLHCb Simulation3,067.200.87
malariacontrol.netopenMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch B)3,003.100.00
VGTU project@HomeVGTU@Home application for dynamic visual cryptography based on non-linear oscillations2,600.1797.88
Collatz ConjectureMini Collatz Conjecture2,366.970.00
TN-Grid Platformgene@home PC-IM2,207.7812.02
DENIS@HomeCarro-Rodriguez-Laguna-Pueyo Epicardial Model (Carro et al. 2011) for human ventricular cells1,942.870.00
Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Batch Norm CNN Trainer1,836.5772.58
Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Batch CNN Trainer 2.01,637.420.00
VirtualLHC@homeTheory Simulations1,470.350.00
RNA Worldcmsearch VM (VirtualBox) 1.0.21,187.020.00
Fight Neglected Diseasesce121,143.930.00
LHC@homeTheory Simulation1,053.389.80
OPTIMA@HOMEAsymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words966.850.00
Citizen Science GridDNA@Home Gibbs Sampler893.470.00
OPTIMA@HOMEAdvanced asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words832.520.00
World Community GridBeta Test826.720.00
Citizen Science GridEXACT2 Convolutional Neural Network Trainer602.700.00
World Community GridBeta - The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2593.600.00
GPUGRIDCPU only app545.470.00
LHC@homeATLAS Simulation472.330.00
DENIS@HomeCarro et al. New Model463.030.00
DNA@HomeGibbs sampler462.070.00
LHC@homeCMS Simulation454.877.18
DENIS@HomeDENIS Project that replicate the calculus made in Literature and fill the Markers Database422.900.00
RNA Worldcmsearch S (short) 1.0.2384.970.00
Rioja ScienceTriatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation301.480.00
GPUGRIDACEMD2: GPU molecular dynamics291.550.00
VolPExREMD Protein Folding274.250.00
World Community GridComputing for Clean Water241.230.00
GPUGRIDACEMD beta version227.680.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Julia v0.4.5 Application (Cross Platform)212.730.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Java 1.7 Application182.520.00
Donate@Hometest alpha. Required: Internet connection, allow in antivirus, not for XP140.600.00
World Community GridBeta126.880.00
Citizen Science GridEXACT MNIST Batch Convolutional Neural Network Trainer122.100.00
GPUGRIDacemd short runs cuda 3.2106.530.00
VolPExVolPEx server benchmark94.270.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home - VINA82.270.00
WUProp@HomeTest application71.830.00
GPUGRIDRun on android only53.870.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home50.570.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - BoincBioMedical Genome Correlations43.980.00
VolPExNew Folding28.620.00
DENIS@HomeBeta Testing Version of D.E.N.I.S Application25.530.00
Pirates@Homeyello - Simplest BOINC graphics application13.900.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home - AutoDock12.570.00
Milkyway@HomeMilkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)8.730.00
MindModeling@Beta_WSUNative R v2.15.1 Application8.100.00
World Community GridHuman Proteome Folding - Phase 27.970.00
boincsimapBOINCSIMAP hmmer application4.820.00
superlinkattechnionSuperlink via monitoring load daemon4.480.00
Parallel Execution on Volunteer EnvironmentREMD Protein Folding4.350.00
Pirates@Homehello - Hello, BOINC World!1.820.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid3D Rendering Application1.780.00
World Community GridBeta - Say No to Schistosoma0.500.00
VirtualLHC@homeTheory Simulations 64 bit0.250.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Java 1.7 Application (Windows Only)0.000.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Java 1.7 Application - Full Node (Cross Platform)0.000.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Pypy v1.9 Application - Full Node (Cross Platform)0.000.00
MindModeling@BetaNative Java 1.7 Application - Full Node (Windows Only)0.000.00

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