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CountryUnited States
Total credit237,498
Recent average credit33.67
Total hours589,595
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Applications in Red have been inactive in last 30 days
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
World Community GridOutsmart Ebola Together91,677.830.00
World Community GridOpenZika41,312.450.00
Enigma@HomeEnigma 0.76b21,911.180.00
Asteroids@homePeriod Search Application20,655.430.00
World Community GridUncovering Genome Mysteries19,959.100.00
PrimeGridPPS (Sieve)19,235.700.00
World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers18,336.580.00
Quake-Catcher NetworkQCN Sensor17,262.550.00
Moo! WrapperDistributed.net Client17,040.350.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decic Fields12,819.380.00
GPUGRIDLong runs (8-12 hours on fastest card)11,211.980.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Vina10,957.820.00
DockingCharmm 34a210,605.570.00
rosetta@homeRosetta Mini10,487.700.00
World Community GridThe Clean Energy Project - Phase 29,252.320.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - AutoDock6,421.300.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Phase 25,657.900.00
Poem@HomePOEM++ OpenCL version4,377.970.00
World Community GridSmash Childhood Cancer4,334.750.00
World Community GridHuman Proteome Folding - Phase 24,110.180.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)3,524.750.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)2,772.380.00
World Community GridSay No to Schistosoma2,639.520.00
SETI@home Beta TestSETI@home v72,546.800.00
FreeHAL@homeFreeHAL 2012 app2,272.420.00
World Community GridDrug Search for Leishmaniasis2,078.100.00
NFS@Home16e Lattice Sieve V52,000.430.00
World Community GridGO Fight Against Malaria1,918.070.00
Collatz ConjectureSolo Collatz Conjecture1,803.720.00
PrimeGridGenefer 211,760.430.00
yoyo@homeCruncher ogr1,744.350.00
SETI@home Beta TestAstroPulse v61,547.430.00
SETI@homeSETI@home v71,491.900.00
World Community GridComputing for Clean Water1,289.120.00
PrimeGridThe Riesel Problem (Sieve)1,113.030.00
ConstellationCometTrails: IMEX - Cometary Dust Trails in Space808.450.00
DistrRTgenDistributed Rainbow Table Generator (distrrtgen)702.600.00
GPUGRIDShort runs (2-3 hours on fastest card)693.920.00
The Lattice ProjectGARLI568.880.00
Plagiarism@HomeWeb checker567.070.00
World Community GridBeta Test448.950.00
NFS@Home14e Lattice Sieve371.150.00
World Community GridHelp Stop TB320.320.00
PrimeGrid321 (LLR)299.070.00
World Community GridBeta - Say No to Schistosoma296.100.00
PrimeGridPPS (LLR)226.220.00
yafuTest Benchmark220.970.00
NFS@Home15e Lattice Sieve220.100.00
PrimeGridSophie Germain (LLR)210.150.00
GPUGRIDCPU only app209.220.00
Collatz ConjectureMini Collatz Conjecture118.250.00
Collatz Conjecturecollatz114.730.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decics with Bounded Discriminant110.850.00
SETI@homeAstroPulse v6105.920.00
PrimeGridPPSE (LLR)102.280.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)58.680.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home - VINA54.000.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home48.420.00
Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave search O1 all-sky F27.570.00
World Community GridBeta27.080.00
Einstein@HomeGamma-ray pulsar binary search #123.750.00
Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)21.380.00
yoyo@homeHarmonious Trees9.720.00
Einstein@HomeGamma-ray pulsar search #37.480.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Parkes PMPS XT)3.420.00
World Community GridBeta - The Clean Energy Project - Phase 20.020.00

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