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ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
Enigma@HomeEnigma 0.76b65,444.200.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - short19,233.850.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base18,246.270.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base18,116.550.00
SRBaseRiesel Base16,486.100.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decics with Bounded Discriminant15,882.580.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base - short14,796.730.00
SRBaseRiesel Base - short12,461.650.00
Universe@HomeUniverse X-ray sources for Android11,614.220.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v1 (NCI) - Generator/1 seed11,200.400.00
PrimeGridSierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)11,047.700.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v2 (NCI) - Seeker/1 seed11,027.530.00
Quake-Catcher NetworkQCN Sensor7,169.780.00
DistrRTgenDistributed Rainbow Table Generator (distrrtgen)5,948.400.00
QCN ContinualQCN Continual Sensor Reporting3,760.080.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v3 (NCI) - Generator/Word seed3,337.020.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)3,335.730.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #10) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)3,159.570.00
Grid computing centerMonkeys v4 (NCI) - Seeker/Word seed3,154.520.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #12) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)3,107.600.00
World Community GridOutsmart Ebola Together2,535.830.00
World Community GridOpenZika2,481.180.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #15) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)2,467.600.00
World Community GridUncovering Genome Mysteries2,235.270.00
World Community GridMapping Cancer Markers2,226.320.00
PrimeGridThe Riesel Problem (LLR)2,074.720.00
PrimeGridSeventeen or Bust1,926.580.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #14) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,846.820.00
PrimeGridExtended Sierpinski Problem1,824.520.00
PrimeGridSophie Germain (LLR)1,811.800.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #9) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,806.600.00
PrimeGridPrime Sierpinski Problem (LLR)1,734.070.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Phase 21,678.780.00
Citizen Science GridSubsetSum@Home Sum Calculator1,476.670.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average1,448.850.00
World Community GridSmash Childhood Cancer1,414.885.90
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #13) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,349.220.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #6) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,228.350.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #4) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,221.930.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #7) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)1,093.950.00
PrimeGridPPSE (LLR)1,081.030.00
PrimeGridThe Riesel Problem (Sieve)1,004.070.00
PrimeGridSierpinski Problem ESP/PSP/SoB (Sieve)760.270.00
PrimeGrid321 (LLR)748.470.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)726.520.00
Asteroids@homePeriod Search Application635.330.00
NFS@Home16e Lattice Sieve V5628.770.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - long624.070.00
Citizen Science GridDNA@Home Gibbs Sampler617.920.00
Bitcoin Utopiasgminer (Campaign #1)615.420.00
PrimeGridWoodall (LLR)518.850.00
FiND@HomeAutodock Vina472.450.00
PrimeGridCullen (LLR)438.630.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Australia New Zealand430.780.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)379.230.00
Collatz ConjectureSolo Collatz Conjecture371.650.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #11) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)369.380.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #5) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)354.830.00
NumberFields@homeGet Decic Fields351.580.00
World Community GridHelp Stop TB335.050.00
boincsimapBOINCSIMAP simap application333.130.00
Collatz ConjectureMini Collatz Conjecture293.920.00
Bitcoin Utopiasgminer (Campaign #2)286.580.00
Moo! Client283.380.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #8) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)255.650.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average3228.730.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)216.930.00
NFS@Home14e Lattice Sieve196.530.00
Plagiarism@HomeWeb checker192.300.00
yoyo@homeOdd Weird Search164.180.00
World Community GridBeta Test149.820.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs)145.170.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer 3.12.3 (line A: Campaign #1) (only for FPGA and ASIC machines)137.830.00
NFS@Home16e Lattice Sieve129.720.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)126.770.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HADAM3P (global only) with MOSES II landsurface scheme112.520.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer test112.200.00
Milkyway@HomeMilkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)110.800.00
NFS@Home15e Lattice Sieve102.870.00
climateathomemodeE of Climate at Home102.020.00
CPDN BetaUK Met Office HADAM3P Africa101.980.00
CPDN BetaUK Met Office HADAM3P MOSES II96.150.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)90.200.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average281.170.00
rosetta@homeRosetta Mini for Android80.900.00
BOINC@FiitReversi solver67.720.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #15) (for 333MH/s ASICs)61.780.00
qosQuality of Service using Volunteer Computing61.370.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #6) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)55.970.00
World Community GridBeta - FightAIDS@Home - VINA44.800.00
BMG@HomeBMG at Home31.350.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - AutoDock29.280.00
yoyo@homeCruncher ogr26.820.00
DistributedDataMiningBiological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification23.300.00
World Community GridFightAIDS@Home - Vina19.550.00
TN-Grid Test PlatformGene Network Application16.550.00
iGEM@homeModelling Linker structures for the circularization of proteins15.630.00
NetMax@homeNetmax Application13.320.00
PrimeGridPPS (LLR)12.750.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #4) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)12.480.00
Poem@HomePOEM++ OpenCL version9.970.00
DENIS@homeCarro-Rodriguez-Laguna-Pueyo Epicardial Model (Carro et al. 2011) for human ventricular cells9.000.00
PrimeGridGeneralized Cullen/Woodall (LLR)8.980.00
OProject@HomeShor's Algorithm8.620.00
Amicable NumbersAmicable Numbers up to 2^647.900.00
PrimeGridGenefer 216.550.00
Bitcoin UtopiaCPUMiner (Campaign #1)6.530.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #8) (for 333MH/s ASICs)4.230.00
World Community GridBeta - Say No to Schistosoma4.000.00
nanosurface@homeNanosized surfaces modeling3.880.00
Beal@HomeBeal Engine3.130.00
Bitcoin Utopiasgminer (Campaign #4)2.570.00 Van Der Waerden Numbers Van Der Waerden Numbers2.420.00
ibercivisSearch for wilson primes2.150.00
Universe@HomeUniverse X-ray sources v22.080.00
World Community GridBeta2.080.00
OProject@HomeWeird Engine Odd1.850.00
Bitcoin Utopiabfgminer 3.10.0 (Campaign #1)1.470.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBFGMiner
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)1.280.00
Gridcoin FinanceGridcoin Finance1.050.00
SETI@homeSETI@home v71.030.00
briseurBriseur Application0.800.00
words_compatibilityRussian words compatibility0.770.00
Bitcoin Utopiasgminer (Campaign #3)0.550.00
UTP Desktop Grid@HOMEboincGAApplication0.550.00
climateprediction.netUK Met Office HadCM3 short0.500.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Utopia Project #1: Donating $1000 for Mars One (20 shares)0.330.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Vault #5: Life Sciences Awards (20 shares)0.230.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Utopia Project #3: Donating $399 for Hydroponics Research Stage 1 (20 shares)0.180.00
SETI@home Beta TestSETI@home v70.130.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #1) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)0.120.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #2) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)0.120.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Utopia Project #2: Donating $1000 for SETI@home (20 shares)0.100.00
Collatz ConjectureLarge Collatz Conjecture0.080.00
Bitcoin Utopiacgminer (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)0.080.00
Bitcoin Utopiabfgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s Blade erupter ASICs-multitasks)0.030.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Utopia Project 00.020.00
Bitcoin UtopiaBitcoin Vault for Life Sciences Awards (shorter workunits: 20 shares)0.020.00

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