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WUProp@Home member since30 Mar 2010
CountryUnited States
Total credit1,830,277
Recent average credit2,897.23

Projects in which zombie67 [MM] is participating

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Total creditAverage creditSince
Bitcoin Utopia 22,665,707,330 357,219,920 6 Jun 2013
Collatz Conjecture 380,664,384 1,753,794 3 Jul 2009
POEM@HOME 226,120,920 298,602 17 Oct 2007
SETI@home Beta 16,203,675 49,864 18 May 2006
Einstein@Home 31,721,749 44,140 10 Oct 2006
GPUGRID 255,256,148 9,427 16 Jul 2007
SETI@home 16,589,880 8,873 22 Apr 2004
Albert@Home 22,276,712 7,013 10 Oct 2006
convector 1,185,004 6,612 22 May 2013 1,385,240 5,842 4 Jan 2007
PrimeGrid 373,036,748 5,061 30 Nov 2006
MilkyWay@home 256,906,585 3,344 29 Aug 2007
WUProp@Home 1,830,025 2,879 30 Mar 2010
IBERCIVIS 1,532,867 1,464 12 Apr 2008
RALPH@Home 1,262,271 1,292 8 Aug 2006
BURP 1,280,197 1,128 9 Dec 2006
World Community Grid 26,965,174 1,029 26 May 2006
Volpex@UH 2,587,995 646 28 Jul 2010
NumberFields@home 3,643,877 459 19 Aug 2011
Universe@Home 1,014,564 443 3 Jul 2014
Radioactive@Home 425,336 424 16 Jun 2011
NFS@Home 5,703,514 258 7 Sep 2009
YAFU 2,642,733 205 29 Aug 2011
MindModeling@Home 1,190,175 133 25 Jan 2008
yoyo@home 7,352,701 95 11 Aug 2007
ATLAS@Home 271,419 76 18 Jun 2014
OProject 2,572,580 53 12 Aug 2012
Russian Words Compatibility 5,765 36 2 Jun 2014
CAS@home 1,093,268 31 14 Jun 2010
Constellation 1,235,867 15 29 Oct 2010
SAT@home 1,097,338 4 10 Oct 2011
Plagiarism@Home 39,537 1 10 Oct 2013
TN-Grid 482,372 1 10 Feb 2014
Najmanovich Research Group 1,186,886 0 10 Nov 2011
SLinCA@Home 1,260,852 0 29 Jan 2011
Beal@Home 1,090,250 0 24 Mar 2014
Neurona@Home 807,064 0 14 Jun 2011
DNA@Home 1,012,862 0 25 Apr 2010
ABC Lattices @ Home 154,727 0 29 Apr 2013
Rioja Science 1,205,563 0 15 May 2012
Correlizer 1,676,254 0 1 Aug 2011
Asteroids@home 3,314,376 0 19 Jun 2012
vLHCathome 1,018,677 0 25 Feb 2011
theSkyNet POGS 8,646,383 0 4 Aug 2012
primaboinca 2,879,315 0 24 Jul 2010
Moo! Wrapper 251,200,692 0 2 May 2011
FightMalaria 1,126,867 0 12 Jul 2012
SimOne@home 1,002,022 0 26 Jan 2012
SubsetSum@Home 1,083,941 0 13 Apr 2012
AlmereGrid Test 1,024,838 0 2 Apr 2008
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid 1,524,775 0 22 Oct 2008
Pirates@Home 23,463 0 3 Dec 2006
SIMAP 2,681,486 0 7 Aug 2006
Leiden Classical 1,200,153 0 24 Nov 2006
QMC@HOME 2,838,280 0 24 Nov 2006
VGTU@Home 1,119,367 0 13 Feb 2012
Spinhenge@home 553,586 0 24 Nov 2006
Lattice Project 1,234,404 0 7 Jun 2007
uFluids 1,005,727 0 24 Nov 2006
BOINC@Fiit 258,790 0 22 Apr 2014 2,295,429 0 2 Oct 2006
LHC@home 1,217,670 0 24 Nov 2006
Rosetta@home 1,667,629 0 11 Feb 2006
SZTAKI Desktop Grid 1,144,120 0 24 Nov 2006
ABC@home 2,249,281 0 27 Dec 2006
WEP-M+2 1,025,247 0 3 Jun 2007
Magnetism@home 254,560 0 11 Jun 2008
OPTIMA@HOME 1,043,658 0 27 Mar 2011 865,422 0 19 Jan 2009
Distributed Data Mining 1,067,949 0 1 Mar 2010
RNA World 1,335,433 0 4 Jan 2010
EDGeS@Home 1,052,544 0 14 Oct 2009
Virtual Prairie 1,003,905 0 3 Apr 2008
Quake Catcher Network 438,732 0 3 Feb 2008
Cosmology@Home 1,033,381 0 25 Jun 2007
Gerasim@Home 1,254,539 0 10 Aug 2007
Distributed Rainbow Table Generator 400,008,228 0 27 Nov 2008
Superlink@Technion 1,005,156 0 25 Jun 2007
Enigma@Home 1,734,250 0 2 Sep 2007
Wildlife@Home 1,013,748 0 13 Apr 2012
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Friends (10)
Maxwell [MM]
Bernie O
Duke of Buckingham SETI.USA
cineon_lut [BlackOps]
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
pogs fitsedwrapper127,196.320.00
Docking Charmm 34a261,363.600.00
yoyo@home Cruncher ogr60,376.470.00
yoyo@home Odd Weird Search59,057.970.00
rosetta@home Rosetta Mini55,791.550.00
Cosmology@Home CAMB51,928.580.00
World Community Grid The Clean Energy Project - Phase 250,616.030.00
NFS@Home 16e Lattice Sieve V550,550.670.00
Enigma@Home Enigma 0.76b50,149.580.00
boincsimap BOINCSIMAP simap application50,147.820.00
NFS@Home 16e Lattice Sieve50,071.170.00
Radioactive@Home Radioactivity Monitor49,754.0712.40
NFS@Home 14e Lattice Sieve47,968.354.20
Quake-Catcher Network QCN Sensor43,306.5585.65
NRG FlexAID Docking41,403.700.00
BOINC@Fiit Reversi solver41,147.630.00
La Red Atrapa Sismos La Red de Atrapa Sismos40,038.2713.77
Collatz Conjecture Solo Collatz Conjecture38,984.330.00
Beal@Home Beal Engine38,323.350.00
Quake-Catcher Network (Taiwan) QCN - Taiwan35,426.8313.80
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
QCN Continual QCN Continual Sensor Reporting32,147.5212.02
SETI@home SETI@home v731,807.830.00
Universe@Home Universe_simulator31,696.450.00
La Red de Atrapa Sismos Continuo La Red de Atrapa Sismos Continuo31,631.9812.02
Quake-Catcher Network Continual (Taiwan) QCN Continual - Taiwan31,197.6012.00
low-energy-boinc Non-CPU-intensive sensors31,131.70471.10
Poem@Home POEM++30,953.600.00
Quake-Catcher Network Continual EMSC / SCEM QCN Continual Monitoring Program30,351.370.00
Asteroids@home Period Search Application30,073.980.00
OProject@Home Shor's Algorithm29,771.550.00
Quake-Catcher Network EMSC / CSEM QCN Sensor Monitoring Program29,521.120.00
NFS@Home 15e Lattice Sieve28,816.057.23
OProject@Home GSCE-SV28,688.220.00
Poem@Home POEM++ OpenCL version27,829.375.28
NumberFields@home Get Decic Fields26,732.000.00
World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers26,204.520.00
DistrRTgen Distributed Rainbow Table Generator (distrrtgen)26,125.020.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home25,969.530.00
Leiden Classical Classical25,567.608.97 tenbar425,476.480.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
yafu YAFU25,184.830.00
PrimeGrid Seventeen or Bust25,182.580.00
primaboinca primaboinca25,040.900.00
TN-Grid Test Platform Gene Network Application24,892.530.00 UK Met Office Coupled Model Full Resolution Ocean22,087.180.00
PrimeGrid The Riesel Problem (Sieve)22,050.050.00
SETI@home Beta Test SETI@home v719,351.974.62
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ40 - MIN:runtime~32h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB18,990.000.00
RNA World cmsearch VM (VirtualBox) 1.0.218,920.750.00
CAS@home ICT Protein Structure Prediction(2nd Generation)18,432.320.00
PrimeGrid Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)18,281.550.00
yoyo@home ecm18,031.000.00
sudoku sudoku@vtaiwan17,934.930.00
PrimeGrid Extended Sierpinski Problem17,122.950.00
PrimeGrid Sophie Germain (LLR)16,765.550.00
eon2 eon client16,355.830.00
World Community Grid Help Conquer Cancer16,078.720.00
ATLAS@home ATLAS Simulation15,373.330.00
wanless2 Random-base WEP Factorization15,301.730.00 openMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch B)15,198.600.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
PrimeGrid Woodall (LLR)14,833.020.00
Constellation TrackJack14,798.670.00
OProject@Home Weird Engine Odd14,463.450.00
SETI@home Beta Test AstroPulse v714,368.0227.35
MindModeling@Beta ACT-R cognitive modeling environment leveraging Clozure Common Lisp14,049.120.00
PrimeGrid Cullen (LLR)13,975.300.00
SETI@home Beta Test AstroPulse v613,960.300.00
PrimeGrid PPS (Sieve)13,542.600.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)12,896.830.00 openMalaria test version12,603.189.18
PrimeGrid Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR)12,594.730.00
PrimeGrid PPS (LLR)12,557.570.00
gerasim@home Separator12,307.420.00
Beauty@LHC Beauty@LHC virtual machine for physics simulations12,161.620.00
PrimeGrid The Riesel Problem (LLR)12,029.550.00
GPUGRID Long runs (8-12 hours on fastest card)11,970.200.00
Milkyway@Home Milkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)11,722.220.00
PrimeGrid 321 (LLR)11,681.630.00
physics@home Simple Cubic crystals cohrence sintering nano11,659.330.00 openMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch A)11,317.350.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours) Cycles11,209.150.00
PrimeGrid Genefer11,035.820.00
climateathome modeE of Climate at Home11,000.350.00
NumberFields@home Get Decics with Bounded Discriminant10,983.520.00
SETI@home AstroPulse v610,943.180.00
Moo! Wrapper Client10,862.730.00
PrimeGrid Sierpinski Problem ESP/PSP/SoB (Sieve)10,793.500.00
yoyo@home evolution@home10,671.230.00
Einstein@Home Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)10,578.920.00
ibercivis Search for wilson primes10,394.530.00
EDGI Demo Project BBGC Muso Monte Carlo Experiment10,339.220.00
PrimeGrid PPSE (LLR)10,336.130.00
yoyo@home Muon10,191.180.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)10,136.600.00
ralph@home Rosetta Mini Beta10,084.880.00
Collatz Conjecture Mini Collatz Conjecture10,055.070.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)10,044.420.00
VolPEx REMD Protein Folding9,842.130.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ22 - MIN:runtime~16h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~536MB,HDD~60MB9,204.750.00
Neurona@Home Neurona@home8,953.380.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
ABCLLL@Home ABC Eval Tool8,833.570.00
FreeHAL@home FreeHAL 2012 app8,342.770.00
Plagiarism@Home Web checker8,054.270.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ32 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB7,958.300.00
MindModeling@Beta Native Python v2.7 Application7,864.000.00
The Lattice Project GARLI7,782.9871.70 UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Europe7,677.030.00
SETI@home SETI@home Enhanced7,590.750.00
EDGeS@Home Autodock VINA7,254.820.00 52barV37,198.439.75
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ38 - MIN:runtime~28h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB7,109.850.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation7,016.520.00
SAT@home ParallelAndDistributedSATsolver6,940.220.00
QMC@HOME cleanmobility.now6,699.575,266.75
PrimeGrid Genefer (World Record)6,668.180.00
BURP SunflowerBlender (Linux)6,628.800.00
Constellation Tycho6,513.320.00
Collatz Conjecture collatz6,425.280.00
iGEM@home Modelling Linker structures for the circularization of proteins6,353.6790.03
BURP Blender6,347.130.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ36 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB6,168.320.00
Chess@Home chessathome6,115.750.00
EDGeS@Home Riemann Zeta Research Project6,061.500.15
physics@home FCC sintering6,052.450.00
Rioja Science Triatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation S26,018.930.00
physics@home Diffusional Growth5,774.150.00
fightmalaria@home vina5,640.150.00 tenbar35,580.770.00
yoyo@home Harmonious Trees5,551.030.00
Albert@Home Gravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)5,539.870.00
CPDN Beta UK Met Office HADAM3P Pacific North West5,505.520.00
World Community Grid GO Fight Against Malaria5,412.650.00
World Community Grid Human Proteome Folding - Phase 25,397.070.00
World Community Grid Beta Test5,342.870.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ34 - MIN:runtime~24h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~1GB,HDD~60MB5,317.280.00
RNA World cmsearch XXL (long) 1.0.25,313.350.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid BioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care5,270.020.00 52barV25,243.130.00
correlizer Correlizer Applications5,216.220.00
LHC@home 1.0 SixTrack5,173.500.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Attic Proxy Project The Attic Proxy5,123.150.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)5,112.620.00
SZTAKI Desktop Grid NumSys Search5,093.480.00
ibercivis Drug liberation simulations at the nanoscale5,089.950.00
VGTU project@Home VGTU@Home application5,081.650.00
ABC@home ABC sieving finder5,013.750.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)4,971.101.03
Wildlife@Home Wildlife@Home Feature Detection (SURF)4,966.050.00
VolPEx VolPEx server benchmark3,894.330.00
Albert@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #23,746.950.00
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #1)3,701.120.00 UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Pacific North West3,700.030.00
OProject@Home ALX3,675.780.00
Albert@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #33,572.900.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)3,552.580.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)3,506.480.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)3,389.730.00
GPUGRID ACEMD beta version3,370.030.00
ibercivis mcgi, beta app3,181.07963.55
MindModeling@Beta Native R v2.15.1 Application (Cross Platform)2,917.850.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
MindModeling@Beta Native Pypy v1.9 Application2,852.730.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault #5: Life Sciences Awards (100 shares)2,769.680.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)2,707.170.00
Collatz Conjecture Large Collatz Conjecture2,518.8256.28
EDGI Demo Project Foksor2,386.300.00
EDGI Demo Project GBAC2,378.570.00
GPUGRID Short runs (2-3 hours on fastest card)2,366.070.00
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home - VINA2,298.170.00
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home - AutoDock2,133.080.00
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home - Vina2,114.980.00
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #2)2,090.550.00
SubsetSum@Home SubsetSum@Home1,837.850.00
Albert@Home Gravitational Wave S6 LineVeto search (extended)1,560.020.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - Boinc Statistical correlization analysis for genome research1,523.700.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - Boinc BioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care1,499.780.00
pogstest fitsedwrapper1,456.330.00
Einstein@Home Gravitational Wave S6 LineVeto search (extended)1,437.380.00
ralph@home Rosetta Mini1,411.970.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)1,351.650.00
MindModeling@Beta Native R v2.15.1 Application1,343.970.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
CPDN Beta UK Met Office HADAM3P European Region1,258.620.00
EDGI Demo Project Riemann-Zeta Search1,231.450.00
physics@home simple cubic sintering nano R=2x50 r=301,206.400.00
BURP SunflowerBlender1,169.180.00
physics@home Rendering film sintering nano1,031.670.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #1: Donating $1000 for Mars One (100 shares)999.730.00
Wildlife@Home Wildlife@Home Descriptor Collection (SURF)995.880.00
SLinCA@Home heavy_lodci011eq32v0p125T1XZ14 - MIN:runtime~6h(checkpoint 2h),RAM~128MB,HDD~60MB845.100.00
physics@home coherence film sintering nano841.580.00
PrimeGrid PPS-Mega (LLR)816.400.00
Synchronised Synchro814.050.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)792.480.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitask...787.330.00
qos Quality of Service using Volunteer Computing786.670.00
OPTIMA@HOME Asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words730.520.00
CAS@home Tsinghua Nano Tech Research672.830.00
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home - AutoDock662.720.00
World Community Grid Say No to Schistosoma646.350.00
ciencia-em-sua-casa Mr.Wilson631.720.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project 0591.750.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
La Red Atrapa Sismos QCN Sensor587.320.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)583.180.00
DistributedDataMining Biological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification576.630.00
Test4Theory@Home Test4Theory563.920.00
VolPEx New Folding555.400.00
OProject@Home Shor's Algorithm DP527.750.00
World Community Grid Drug Search for Leishmaniasis524.800.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault #5: Life Sciences Awards (20 shares)514.580.00
Collatz Conjecture Micro Collatz Conjecture499.800.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search496.830.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)465.670.00 Blender463.820.00
Einstein@Home Gamma-ray pulsar search #2459.380.00
words_compatibility Russian words compatibility457.030.00
iGEM@home Generate linker structures for the circularization of proteins425.270.00
RNA World cmsearch S (short) 1.0.2404.630.00
GPUGRID Run on android only391.130.00
MindModeling@Beta Native [R] v2.15.1 Application344.630.00
Drug@Home SHAFTS336.680.00
Citizen Science Grid DNA@Home Gibbs Sampler325.850.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Wildlife@Home Wildlife@Home Motion Detection304.850.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)294.670.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #4) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)292.253.97
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer 3.12.3 (line A: Campaign #1) (only for FPGA and ASIC machines)289.330.00
reversi 6x6 REVERSI SOLVER prototype273.880.00
WUProp@Home Test application268.980.00
GPUGRID CPU only app263.220.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #1: Donating $1000 for Mars One (20 shares)241.700.00
SAT@home PD-SAT for cryptology241.330.00
Pirates@Home yello - Simplest BOINC graphics application231.950.00
VolPEx Sieve204.100.00
Quake-Catcher Network EMSC / CSEM QCN Continual Monitoring Program165.530.00
BigData@home Crawl Internet New Media Infomation153.130.00
World Community Grid Beta - The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2126.930.00
MindModeling@Beta Native Java 1.7 Application122.850.00
physics@home Rendering Simple Cubic crystals nano R=2x50 r=30122.680.00
Gridcoin Finance Gridcoin Finance112.420.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Life Sciences Awards (longer workunits: 100 shares)111.650.00
BigData@home Spider Application107.030.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Energy and Environment Awards (longer workunits: 100 shares)103.400.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Bitcoin Utopia CPUMiner (Campaign #1)83.900.00
Bitcoin Utopia CPUMiner (Campaign #2)79.900.00
bnbtest Example Application79.780.00 52bar65.720.00
Constellation CometTrails Beta: IMEX - Cometary Dust Trails in Space61.550.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Learning Awards (longer workunits: 100 shares)57.000.00
Donate@Home test alpha. Required: Internet connection, allow in antivirus, not for XP56.420.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Exploration Awards (longer workunits: 100 shares)52.150.00
xfer@home optJS50.730.00
Constellation Tycho Betatest48.020.00
La Red Atrapa Sismos QCN - Taiwan45.720.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #3: Donating $399 for Hydroponics Research Stage 1 (20 shares)38.970.00
EDGI Demo Project BBGC Monte Carlo Experiment37.830.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #2: Donating $1000 for SETI@home (100 shares)36.680.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer test36.300.00
EDGeS@Home Generic BOINC Application Client34.381.08
World Community Grid Computing for Clean Water32.920.00
physics@home Rendering nano alpha=2.2 R=3032.730.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #3: Donating $399 for Hydroponics Research Stage 1 (100 shares)31.980.00
BURP Blender (GPU)28.230.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Utopia Project #2: Donating $1000 for SETI@home (20 shares)27.780.00
Parallel Execution on Volunteer Environment REMD Protein Folding27.600.00
EDGeS@Home BBGC Monte Carlo Experiment25.250.00
Bitcoin Utopia BFGMiner
UTP Desktop Grid@HOME campusGAApplication21.250.00
GPUGRID ACEMD2: GPU molecular dynamics19.600.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Energy and Environment Awards (shorter workunits: 20 shares)19.180.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)18.080.00
EDGeS@Home Autodock 4.2.317.780.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Exploration Awards (shorter workunits: 20 shares)16.750.00
Bitcoin Utopia Bitcoin Vault for Global Development Awards (longer workunits: 100 shares)16.530.00
EDGI Demo Project Digital Alias-free Signal Processing Application16.080.00
World Community Grid Help Fight Childhood Cancer15.900.00
Pirates@Home hello - Hello, BOINC World!15.730.00
norlist Context-independent stage application11.700.00
physics@home Analytical films test quality wrapper10.950.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)10.000.00
World Community Grid Beta - Say No to Schistosoma9.900.00
UTP Desktop Grid@HOME boincGAApplication9.720.00
EDGI Demo Project Generic BOINC Application Client - DIRAC8.830.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
MindModeling@Beta Native Python v2.7 Application (Cross Platform)8.280.00
SZTAKI Desktop Grid Riemann Zeta Research Project8.020.00
Bitcoin Utopia CudaMiner (Campaign #1)7.620.00
OProject@Home Weird Engine5.070.00
POEM@TEST POEM++ OpenCL version2.500.00
SimOne@home Umbrella Sampling2.450.00
Pruebas@home PRUEBAS_GRID2.280.00
physics@home Rendering nano1.620.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)1.100.00
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #3)0.520.00
Test4Theory@Home Test4Theory vboxwrapper0.420.00
World Community Grid Beta - FightAIDS@Home0.320.00
World Community Grid Beta - Help Conquer Cancer0.250.00
POEM@TEST POEM++0.220.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)0.050.00
Bitcoin Utopia bfgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s Blade erupter ASICs-multitasks)0.030.00
gst@home Crest Application0.030.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)0.020.00

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