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WUProp@Home member since6 Apr 2010
CountryUnited States
Total credit713,593
Recent average credit265.48
TeamThe Knights Who Say Ni!
Friends (3)
Mumps [MM]
Sir Stooper
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Enigma@Home Enigma 0.76b46,622.200.00
Asteroids@home Period Search Application36,359.750.00
PrimeGrid PPS (Sieve)32,657.370.20
Moo! Wrapper Client29,677.670.33
NFS@Home 14e Lattice Sieve29,005.400.00
boincsimap BOINCSIMAP simap application18,864.8310.33
SETI@home SETI@home v717,425.170.00
pogs fitsedwrapper15,163.520.00
yoyo@home Odd Weird Search11,194.400.00
NFS@Home 15e Lattice Sieve11,037.050.00
FreeHAL@home FreeHAL 2012 app7,551.080.00
DistrRTgen Distributed Rainbow Table Generator (distrrtgen)7,420.150.00
SAT@home ParallelAndDistributedSATsolver3,888.080.00
correlizer Correlizer Applications2,601.180.00
Poem@Home POEM++ OpenCL version1,557.150.00
DistributedDataMining Biological Data Analysis: Laryngeal Video Classification1,177.180.00
SETI@home AstroPulse v6928.430.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)831.101.03
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #1)722.080.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)688.750.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Bitcoin Utopia CudaMiner (Campaign #1)661.420.00
SAT@home PD-SAT for cryptology570.280.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)512.880.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)508.180.00
EDGeS@Home Riemann Zeta Research Project369.980.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)331.980.20
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #2)213.530.00
Bitcoin Utopia sgminer (Campaign #3)193.100.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)153.230.00
PrimeGrid Genefer132.870.00
Bitcoin Utopia CudaMiner (Campaign #2)129.880.00
Collatz Conjecture Solo Collatz Conjecture112.900.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid BioMedial Genome Correlations for Research and Healt Care61.370.00
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home - AutoDock58.520.00
World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers35.550.00
Collatz Conjecture Large Collatz Conjecture35.080.00
World Community Grid FightAIDS@Home - Vina33.820.00
Collatz Conjecture collatz32.530.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)29.650.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 20+GH/s ASICs)27.030.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)11.800.00
Collatz Conjecture Mini Collatz Conjecture10.770.00
Milkyway@Home Milkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)8.850.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)6.830.00
SETI@home SETI@home Enhanced3.380.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer 3.12.3 (line A: Campaign #1) (only for FPGA and ASIC machines)1.830.00
Bitcoin Utopia bfgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s Blade erupter ASICs-multitasks)1.700.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home0.200.00
EDGeS@Home Generic BOINC Application Client0.130.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)0.100.00
AlmereGrid Boinc Grid 3D Rendering Application0.070.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)0.070.00
EDGeS@Home Autodock
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)0.030.00

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