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Last updated 27 May 2024, 5:50:03 UTC

Borisov ("[url=]Borisov[/url], Member of Seti@Germany...")
BOINC.RU ("Здравствуйте. Это...")
Borg@FVTM ("Borg@FVTM Faculty of Production Technology and Management October 2015 Since I am...")
Biosphere ("CNT / Ceske Budejovice [1978] Mam rad spontalnost, kosmos, dark ambient, prekvapeni ......")
Beyond ("I'm retired and DC is one of my hobbies along with marathon canoe racing and XC skiing. In...")
Bill-af ("Salut ! Je suis Bill-af, j'ai 25 ans. Dans la vie, je suis informaticien, et j'aide...")
Brian Uitti ("I am the team leader for Project Blue Book. We do Science! All are welcome to join...")
Buckey ("Immer locker durch die Hose atmen...")
Bryan ("I've been a member of [][B][SIZE=15]SETI.USA[/SIZE][/B][/URL]...")
BilBg ("  My favourite singer these days (2014 ... 2016 ...) - Krisia Todorova List of ~200...")

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