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Last updated 21 Jul 2017, 19:55:04 UTC

Cori ("Greetings from the Lazy Cat... ")
Contact (""I am proud to be a human being. I believe that we have come this far by the skin of...")
Conan ("Member of Cobar Spiders. I enjoy science and statistics so running projects for science is...")
Crazybob.SETI.USA [TopGun] ("48 and a proud member of SETI.USA")
capthuggy* ("Currently I am retired and well hidden in a huge rural Georgia pine forest. My Career...")
Cyph3r (" ")
Clank [MM] ("Crunch, crunch, crunch...need my Fix!")
Coleslaw ("Proud Member of Team [H]ard|OCP and the [H]ard DC Commandos...")
Chiorny Oriol ("Grüße aus Freiberg/Sachsen")
CTPAHHNK ("Sapienti sat")

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