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Last updated 15 Apr 2024, 5:40:04 UTC

DrLingCN ("Much to learn you still have. -- Master Yoda")
Duke of Buckingham ("Construindo um mundo melhor.")
Dan Sargent ("[color=red][b][size=18]Hello fellow crunchers! [/size][/b][/color] “On March 24,...")
devildan ("Middle Aged, Punk Rockin', Ex U.S. Sailor with a knack for science and a love for fighting.")
Darius ("..the tendecy is to push it as far as you...")
Doddophonique [LIGURIA] ("I'm a 20 years old Electronic Engineering student from Italy, extremely fascinated by both...")
DerLetzteGermane ("Hi, I am the "DerLetzteGermane" from Germany and have two unusual hobbies. Golf and...")
Daniele [lombardia] ("Hi. My name is Daniele, born in 1969. I'm from a small town Ceriano Laghetto, near to...")
DanUntied ("Production Detail Planner for nuclear submarine construction. Running BOINC now for 15...")

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