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Dunuin ("I'm Björn and was born in Hamburg (Germany) in 1986 where I'm currently living. Apart...")
Dario666 ("I am Dario666 from Poland and I compute for team BOINC@Poland ")
darksun ("Computer und was damit zu tun hat ist seit über 10 Jahren eines meiner größten Hobbys. ...")
denjoR ("Admiral Leonard H. McCoy, MD was a male Human Starfleet officer of the 23rd and 24th...")
diyod ("Young french boy born in 1995, member of L'Alliance Francophone since 2010, member of...")
Dromage ("Александр (Кривой Рог, Украина). Никогда ни в чем...")
den777 ("")
Diego Aliprandi [Lombardia] ("Hi, my name is Diego Aliprandi, I am an Electronic Engeneer involved in the machine vision...")
Dennis Kautz ("Meine "Karriere" bei Distributed Computing begann 2001 mit den Projekten...")

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