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Last updated 20 Sep 2021, 5:25:03 UTC

Ondra@SpaceFamily.CZ ("Hi, people! I´m young man from Czech Republic (---Zdravím všechny krajany---), who like...")
Ousermaatre ("Hello I live in Switzerland, near Geneva. I'm intersting to learn Egyptology. I try to...")
oheunseok [SETIKAH@KOREA] ("[img][/img] 안녕하세요! Hi! I'm...")
Odicin ("Member of BOINC Confederation")
olsen_gg ("Hallo, ich komme aus Stralsund (Deutschland) und habe mit Computern eigentlich nur...")
oldjerry SETI ("Jsem důchodce ze severních Čech, 80 let. Projekty BOINC počítám 7 let, začínal jsem...")
OE1TKS ("...")
Opolis ("Mechanical Engineer from California, USA. I love computers, cars, music, sports, and...")
OVERTAKE_ME ("C++, PHP, and SQl progammer from Cambridge, England - currently working on a non-profit...")
OlddanIT ("I am a proud member of EVGA's crunching team. I am 46 years old, Italian, and a not proud...")

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