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Last updated 28 Feb 2024, 19:50:03 UTC

Rafa Hens El Califa [Cordoba] ("[img][/img]")
rilian ("I collect WU properties for Ukraine!")
rebirther (";)")
Ryszard ("Kierowca kat. D. Chodowca baobabow i storczykow. Milosnik swingu, wina i kobiet. Webmaster...")
Remnar ("Check out team BOINC United, the universal BOINCing team!")
Rendo ("Hi, my name is René. I´m member of CzechNationalTeam.")
Ralfy ("BOINC Enthusiast [img][/img]")
rebel9 ("BOINC enthusiast. Programmer.")
Reeltime ("Hi there. Been BOINCing for about 4 years, and involved in almost all the current BOINC...")
ruidocarmo ("[b]I'm a Portuguese Mathematician member of the team...")

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