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Last updated 18 Sep 2020, 3:05:04 UTC

Steve Hawker* ("I've been crunching since 2012 and the more I do, the more I like it. I try to crunch...")
Steve Dodd ("Crunching for The Planetary Society since May, 1999. Love chasing after badges and RAC :)...")
Skywalker TSBT ("The Mad Hatter of Crunching!! The Force is strong with this one!! Go TSBT!!")
Sylvester@Planet 3Dnow! ("Hi comrades and fellow crunchers. My name is Sylvester, I live at Reutlingen / Germany, and...")
Scalextrix[Gridcoin] ("I have been a long time contributor to various BOINC projects. I dont run 24/7, nowdays I...")
Screaming97135Eagle ("I live in Brisbane Australia. I have been crunching projects on and off since the middle of...")
SXRXE ("Here to support Brony@Home!")
Shiho ("Passionné de sciences et de nouvelles technologies, je suis heureux de pouvoir apporter ma...")
Sajjad Imam* ("Member of the "Sicituradastra." team, participating in multiple projects....")

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