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Last updated 1 Jun 2023, 18:35:04 UTC

sEpuLchEr[] ("Avid supporter of Gridcoin, a Crypto-Currency that rewards you for BOINC contribution....")
Skivelitis2 ("...")
ShmoogleOsukami ("I began using BOINC in 2011 creating Galaxy maps with SkynetPOGS. After a while I stopped...")
SC0RPI0M00N ("Biomed, eagle scout, mystic, parachute rigger, stepfather, student.")
Stephen Uitti ("Started with SETI@Home in another millennium. Currently help produce a free monthly half...")
sargos7 ("Born in 1987 Live in USA Currently employed testing avionics software for GE")
Surcouf30 ("Rebelle Français Occitan 67 ans 3 enfants Dans le monde d'avant, voyageur autour...")

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