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Posted 25 Feb 2018 by damotbe
I think part of the issue that started this thread arose was due to what was considered 'cheating' changed several times w/o warning. So as we were playing by the rules it was then no longer acceptable. That happened 3 times.

I understand that. And one can understand that changing rules is a part of all systems when exploits/bugs are discovered regarding the primary goal of the system.

Primary goal of WuProp is not points or badges which are incentives. The goal of incentives in a system are to encourage good behaviours or to discourage bad behaviours. In WuProp points and badges encourage users to share their compute times and workunits properties to help the community with valuable data and it helps small or unknown projects.

But incentives alors work in another way. The community can gives incentives to the administrator, positive or negative, to encourage or discourage him. The Internet should not make us forget that real people are in front of their screens, the distance is just an illusion. Seb is a real person with a real job and he gives you a part of his free precious time. Give him positive incentives to continue working on something you like ! Be positive !
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Posted 25 Feb 2018 by damotbe

What fake data? The results are typically legit. The work units were ran and unaltered. The data got reported. How is that fake results? What you should be saying is that people weren't running projects the way a very small group of individuals think they should run them and label it as "cheating". Again, that concept is only in the minds of few as the results are no different from anyone else's results. Cheating is when someone doesn't do the work but still claims the credit.

I find that the results produced by this project are only a best guess anyways. It does not tell me if someone overclocked their CPU. It does not tell me if they ran multiple work units on each device which can impact its results. Running multiple work units on a video card is no different than running multiple clients for NCI projects. Why? because by your logic they are following those same rules. It doesn't matter if they are cpu intense or not. Every project stresses the system different. They run different. They use different resources. If maximizing my GPU to its fullest is ok by running multiple work units then I should be able to the same on my CPU. Regardless of CPU intensive levels. That isn't cheating. That is utilizing your hardware to its fullest for the sake of the project. Yes it is something point seakers look at. But it is something people who want to maximize their resources look at as well. Who are you to determine that something like that is "cheating". What gives you that right? "Science" was performed and was not "faked". WUProp may not be able to report the way it wants to. But it never has been fully accurate since the beginning. And it never will be unless it can gain all of those individual system difference. Even then, it would be too much data to filter through.

Looks like you (and other crunchers) think you can define what is "cheating" on someone else server. Just think it twice (or more)...
SPOILER : no! your server, your rules ;-)

Secondly, you are not able to understand the validity of the rules, doesn't mean you're right.

Thirdly, you must learn to understand the point of view of others and especially put the form when you speak publicly on a forum. Questions and courtesy can help people to change their point of view. The form is very important in discussions, especially when one is in a weaker position.
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Posted 23 Feb 2018 by damotbe
@[AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005 : One word : Perfect !
4) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 5992)
Posted 22 Feb 2018 by damotbe
Totally agree ! WuProp is usefull and should keep going on ! Everytime I had to buy computers for scientific computing / research (my job), I look at WuProp results and statistics to evaluate processors (CPU or GPU) on real scientific codes and not only synthetic benchmarks. Thank you a lot for this project !

I'm fed up reading your stupid arguments ! NCI means : "Not Compute Intensive". If you want to use efficiently your hardware to help Science stop touching your p**** and go on intensive projects ! Do you realize HOW STUPID it is to run multiple WuProp on the same computer ? HOW STUPID it is to run earthquake or radioactive work units without the hardware to take measurements ?

If you want high scores, go playing games !

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