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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Linux64bit - signal 11 recived - RAM-shortage ??? (Message 134)
Posted 12 Apr 2010 by Profile Sysadm@Nbg
this wu stderr says:
<message> process got signal 11 </message>

boinc.stdout says
12-Apr-2010 08:45:44 [WUProp@Home] Computation for task wu_1270917219_963_0 finished 12-Apr-2010 08:45:47 [WUProp@Home] Started upload of wu_1270917219_963_0_0 12-Apr-2010 08:46:09 [WUProp@Home] Finished upload of wu_1270917219_963_0_0 12-Apr-2010 08:46:49 [WUProp@Home] Sending scheduler request: To fetch work. 12-Apr-2010 08:46:49 [WUProp@Home] Reporting 1 completed tasks, requesting new tasks for CPU 12-Apr-2010 08:46:54 [WUProp@Home] Scheduler request completed: got 1 new tasks

not any obscure message round that time (nor in boinc log nor in system message log)

Where does Signal 11 (SIGSEGV) come from (Phenom Linux 64 bit 4 GB RAM not enough ?!)

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