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1) Message boards : Number crunching : Badge upgrades thread (Message 9507)
Posted 31 Dec 2022 by Tern
Just saw this post from December 2015 when I had my first star, and I said that I had to keep myself on track working on my 20 projects and not get off-topic and start badge-chasing.

That didn't work. :D

Seven years later, I'm on track for a "color suite" of stars. One each, bronze through cyan. Sometime in the next couple of months. (Yeah, I know, I don't pick "common" goals...)

Sebastien, I want to say THANK YOU for this project, this site, all the work you've poured into it over the years. I've gotten more pure enjoyment out of WuProp than any other "goals" I've set on individual projects. I've discovered projects I never would have found otherwise, done a LOT more at my "main" projects, and gotten who-knows how many other people addicted to WuProp.

Job well done, and congratulations!
2) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8805)
Posted 11 Mar 2022 by Tern
We have a group together to TRY to take over and run it, but we're waiting to hear from Sebastien on feasibility/process/etc.

Don't give up all hope!
3) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8745)
Posted 8 Mar 2022 by Tern
While I couldn't do the programming necessary for new app versions, etc., I'm willing to host the project and do the forums - I'm pretty sure could get others to contribute their time and cash as well.

PLEASE consider handing this off to someone else, rather than just shutting down. I understand if you don't have time to manage it, but it would be a terrible thing for all this effort to go to waste.

There's a huge community out here, we can find a way to keep it going "under new management"!
4) Message boards : Number crunching : Problem with last Android BOINC version 7.18.1 (Message 8723)
Posted 8 Mar 2022 by Tern
It had been working on mine, but started failing yesterday or today. I've gotten zero hours for my four Android Fire Tablets suddenly.
5) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac M1, tasks fail (Message 8122)
Posted 1 May 2021 by Tern
I got 1 hour credited to the test application. :D

A set of hours also appeared for the M1, so looks like it's probably working now. Thanks!
6) Message boards : Number crunching : Mac M1, tasks fail (Message 8095)
Posted 25 Apr 2021 by Tern
Ditto here - I'm running 24/7 on a new Mac Mini (M1) and every task is getting a "validate error" and the hours not being counted!
7) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid hours not posting (Message 6847)
Posted 9 Sep 2019 by Tern
PG is one of the largest hours producers, especially when there's a new subproject like PPS-DIV - I've probably put in several thousand hours myself just in the last couple of days on that one app. It's really frustrating to see my WuProp hours/day drop by 80%...
8) Message boards : Number crunching : PrimeGrid hours not posting (Message 6828)
Posted 4 Sep 2019 by Tern
PG changed their LLR app names from version 8.03 to 8.04 (mt) and the hours are not appearing here. This isn't a "major change" and shouldn't cause the creation of a new app as far as WuProp is concerned, the hours should still go to the same places. I'm sure the (mt) is confusing whatever automation ignores version numbers.
9) Message boards : Number crunching : Database error (Message 6777)
Posted 2 Aug 2019 by Tern
Ditto. Appeared this morning - it's the PG challenge curse. TeamViewer also chose today to go south on me. Always something the day a challenge starts...
10) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 6550)
Posted 22 Mar 2019 by Tern
And the Einstein app just showed up on the second pass of WUProp. THANKS!
11) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 6549)
Posted 22 Mar 2019 by Tern
Windows 10. I see it on the Apps page but it's not selectable in Preferences. It just showed up!
12) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 6545)
Posted 22 Mar 2019 by Tern
I just got 60 tasks (16 days worth) from Einstein "Gravitational Wave Engineering run on LIGO O1 Open Data (V1)" - they have run through one WUProp cycle but did not show up on stats. New app on Einstein? I'm confused because it is not in the apps list on the Einstein site, I have "run only selected apps" chosen, and I don't run betas... The only thread on their boards is someone asking how to get it as it's not in the Preferences, but nobody knew!
13) Message boards : Number crunching : Max recommended clients? (Message 5670)
Posted 15 Oct 2017 by Tern
Define "clients"? If by "clients" you mean instances of BoincManager or WuProp or whatever (virtualization) then the answer is "one". No more than one WuProp task should be running per host. Otherwise the hours counted become meaningless. (One 4-core PC could get a billion hours a day or something.)

If you actually mean "projects", then I run about 20. However, it depends more on the processor speed and which projects you run. A slow PC, probably limit it to five or six projects. Main thing is to have the "number of days work" in Preferences set LOW! The more projects, the more important this is, otherwise you'll be running "high priority" all the time and miss deadlines. One day's work is plenty with 5-6 projects on most PCs. More projects than that, you can get away with one day on a high-end CPU, but need to drop down otherwise.

If you run any projects with super-long tasks (CPDN or such) then you'll definitely need to keep this value super low.

If you set the value above one day, you'll see slower PC's running only one project at a time anyway, it will just alternate which one to run. Of course, you can always use "Project Suspend" to MANUALLY choose which projects you want to work on at any given time, so you can attach to as many as you like - just keep the number that are actually working reasonable. Start with 5-6, work up to 10, add more if it'll handle it. BoincTasks is wonderful - any time I see a "running high priority" highlighted entry (when I haven't been micromanaging...), I know to either drop the number of projects or the "days work" value a bit.
14) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 5578)
Posted 5 Sep 2017 by Tern

Mine show up as
Enigma Cuda
Enigma GPU - Test version

I'm seeing app name "Enigma GPU" on AMD boxes, but it does look like it is showing as Enigma Cuda here, where before Enigma Cuda was Nvidia only. <shrug> As long as the hours go somewhere! Don't care what it's called! :-)
15) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 5576)
Posted 4 Sep 2017 by Tern
Don't see this mentioned -" Enigma GPU - Test Version" continues, but there is also now "Enigma GPU".

My hours on the test version are showing up, but not my hours on the 'non-test' one.
16) Message boards : Number crunching : Windows 10 Creator update problem warning (Message 5400)
Posted 14 Jul 2017 by Tern
Two of my hosts have had "Creators Update" shoved down their throats this week. Both started failing PrimeGrid GPU tasks immediately, having been "upgraded" by MS from Nvidia driver 376.53 to 382.05; manually installing 384.76 fixed that... (Same thing has happened on other "updates", so I wasn't too surprised by this one.)

One host continues to do WuProp and everything else fine. The other got stuck with a WuProp task uploaded but not reported. Hitting Update got a "Certificate Error". Reset, messed with certificates, rebooted, messed with firewall, all no go, still wouldn't report. Detached and tried to re-add project, could not get WuProp attached - "error 184" from BoincTasks, just a "try again later" doing it directly in BOINC Manager.

Tried to reattach using HTTP not HTTPS, and it worked fine. So somewhere there's a security issue...

Still have not solved similar problem with Collatz, where uploads are all failing with "transient HTTP error". May try the non-S fix on that as well, just hate to lose the work. Sigh.
17) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 5127)
Posted 21 May 2017 by Tern
cpdnboinc Weather At Home 2 (wah2) 10,270.13 10,270.13
cpdnboinc UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Pacific North West 4,089.85 4,089.85
cpdnboinc UK Met Office HadCM3 short 3,190.80 3,190.80
cpdnboinc Weather At Home 2 (wah2) (region independent) 226.45 226.45


And now I have new hours on climateprediction (the correct one) plus all these old hours under the incorrect one. I note that ALL the cpdnboinc hours are 'red', indicating over-30-days, even hours earned yesterday.

Hope this isn't like vlhcathome-dev where a month later I was still dragging around all the obsolete named apps... although this seems to have been fixed just as the cpdnboinc thing showed up!
18) Message boards : Number crunching : News of Projects and Apps Starting and Ending... (Message 5042)
Posted 9 May 2017 by Tern
Einstein long-winded name (Continuous Gravitational Wave search Galactic Center Tuning xfreq) apps still not showing up here...
19) Message boards : Number crunching : WUProp Have A New Project URL? 's' added to http. (Message 4837)
Posted 13 Mar 2017 by Tern
This is special... got up this morning and checked stats. Hours looked WAY low for overnight.

BoincStats BAM had detached all my hosts from WUProp! Without reattaching! Just ran around removing BAM from all hosts and manually reattaching WUProp at https...

BAM had successfully detached and reattached Collatz at the same time.
20) Message boards : Number crunching : Project name changes (Message 4631)
Posted 27 Jan 2017 by Tern
Thanks from me too! Imagine my shock when I saw 5,003.98 hours posted today to vlhcathome CMS Simulation! I don't have THAT many cores running! :-) Then I recognized what had happened. Thanks again! (Maybe CMS-dev/vLHCathome/lhcathome will pick a name and stick with it for more than a few months?)

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