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1) Message boards : Number crunching : WuProp isn't reporting hours but deducting them instead (Message 9337)
Posted 5 Oct 2022 by Dark Angel
It seems when the database here goes offline here it also takes down the Signature for Boinc Users page and the Formula Boinc page (Mod_Python_Error sound familiar?).
All three are run by the same person so I'm going to assume they're all running on the same machine.
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Work units being miss-reported (Message 9290)
Posted 6 Sep 2022 by Dark Angel
I've just noticed that "Einstein Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, Large)" units are being recorded as "Einstein Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)"
They are CPU units, not GPU and thus the reported numbers will be unrealistic and inaccurate due to the far longer run times of CPU units.
3) Message boards : News : Grid computing center (Message 7127)
Posted 6 May 2020 by Dark Angel
iThena is another NCI project. The top ranking teams are rather clearly running large numbers of virtual clients, numbers in the thousands.

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