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1) Message boards : Cafe : Running WUProp@Home as a standalone project (Message 7450)
Posted 29 Sep 2020 by M0CZY
Would it be reasonable to run WUProp@Home as a standalone project, without any other projects running?
2) Message boards : Cafe : Anybody home? (Message 2098)
Posted 19 Mar 2014 by M0CZY
This project is for monitoring other projects, so it seems reasonable to discuss other projects here too.
Some time ago I attached to the Attic Proxy Project.
I tried several work units, but they didn't seem to do anything, they never ended, they just kept running until their deadline passed, and I didn't get any credit for them.
I have now stopped work for the Attic Proxy Project, but I wonder if any other user had more success with that project?

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