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21) Message boards : Science : Frequency of Update of Results (Message 702)
Posted 27 Jun 2012 by Profile Sutaru Tsureku
I guess you already saw it in the meantime also... ;-)

It looks like no longer a problem to report immediately after upload:

WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:13 Computation for task xxxxxxxxxx finished
WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:16 Started upload of xxxxxxxxxx
WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:24 Finished upload of xxxxxxxxxx
WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:24 Sending scheduler request: To report completed tasks.
WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:24 Reporting 1 completed tasks, requesting new tasks for CPU
WUProp@Home 27.06.2012 03:20:28 Scheduler request completed: got 1 new tasks
[UTC + 02:00]

(BOINC DEV-V7.0.28)

Not RRI in cc_config.xml set, it looks like BOINC do this automatically for to get immediately a new work unit...

In the online overview the work unit/result is completed and Credit granted (*done and confirmed*).

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