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1) Message boards : Cafe : Formula BOINC 2024 (Message 10489)
Posted 16 Feb 2024 by UBT - Timbo
Formula BOINC 2024 re-launch

I am acting as admin for the above group and I wanted to let you know that the Formula BOINC website has been updated for the 2024 Season.

And that the Sprint Season will start on 29th February - just about 2 weeks time - so please help publicise Formula BOINC to your team members so that they can take part.

For Teams:
Teams previously registered to take part in these regular BOINC Challenges in previous years have been included for this season and Teams have now been allocated to one of 3 Leagues, depending on their performance in 2023.

If your team is NOT registered already, please ask your team founder to register (via the FB website)

Registered Teams are listed here:

And it would be really good if your team members can take part and support the various BOINC projects throughout the forthcoming year.

As many teams are already registered, members do not have to do anything EXCEPT to make a note of the date and time when the Sprints will be taking place and to ensure that they are crunching tasks from the chosen project.

This information will be displayed on our website here:

For members:
We also have a Members League so that individuals can compete against one another - this is entirely voluntary but it can be rewarding to know how well you are doing when compared to other FB members - even those in the same team.

If any team members have not already registered, then there is a webpage that you can visit and register, which is here:

And finally for all the latest news about Formula BOINC, we would ask members to visit our forum:

I do hope teams and members will support the Challenges and by doing so, this will help the many BOINC projects who need the support of volunteers in order to continue their research.

best regards
UBT - Timbo
Admin for Formula BOINC
2) Message boards : Number crunching : Why has the project been down for multiple consecutive hours in last number of days? (Message 10183)
Posted 3 Sep 2023 by UBT - Timbo
Since it was other websites as well I wonder if it was a power problem for him or a Server problem an ISP problem? I can see one website go down but several usually means something more serious, hopefully it was just upgrades for better reliability stuff!!


Yes, the fact that all three websites came back online at about the same time, rather implies it was a network issue, either with a server outage, maybe a managed "network switch" that had a lock-up, or maybe some sort of DNS attack?

Unlikely to be a power issue as most ISPs, have standby/back-up generators and/or UPS systems, to take over if there's a total power outage.

But it's not a good thing for the servers to be offline for about 14 hours...even if it is Sunday and most engineers are at home enjoying the weekend.

3) Message boards : Number crunching : Why has the project been down for multiple consecutive hours in last number of days? (Message 10181)
Posted 3 Sep 2023 by UBT - Timbo
Server not reachable every few minutes since 00:40, my Android was out of WUProp work for 14 hours because of it, always got "feeder not running" when asking for work.


I had the same issue with WU-Prop and the same error messages from:

03/09/2023 02:40:32 | WUProp@Home | Server error: feeder not running


03/09/2023 16:14:05 | WUProp@Home | Started download of data_collect_v4_xxxxxxx_xxxxxx

(Times are in UTC)

And all has been well ever since.

Other websites run by the same admin, also had issues, such as Formula BOINC and the L'AF team website....but all seem to be OK now. :-)

4) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8795)
Posted 10 Mar 2022 by UBT - Timbo
Hi all

Surely it would be quite simple to:

1) suspend the project for a few days
2) make a backup of the existing project (a)
3) then transfer it to a new server (b) and
4) restore the backup to the new server
5) minor tweaking to code to reflect a change of domain name (c)
6) BOINC users would then need to remove the project from BOINC Manager and then
7) Add the new project website address, and restart crunching
8) Maybe also backup all the messages in this forum and restore them to the new server

Of course a new admin plus "helper team" would be required to take over from Sebastiens role...but that should be fairly easy to do.

(a)= So many projects have suffered crashes of hardware/hard drives in the past and then restored their systems, following repairs, using an existing backup.

(b)= of course the new server would need to be hosted by a "trusted" provider who can support the amount of bandwidth required to run the 24/7 operations of the project. This new server would also need to be paid for (or donated) by members of the BOINC community, maybe by a "crowd funding" scheme?

(c)= a few projects have, in the past, changed their domain names, so this is not a big problem to surmount.

5) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8794)
Posted 10 Mar 2022 by UBT - Timbo
I was hopeful to at least reach maybe the 250,000 credit mark, but alas, it looks like this will not happen. bad...I should have said 350,000 :-(
6) Message boards : News : Project end (Message 8786)
Posted 9 Mar 2022 by UBT - Timbo
Such a shame

I was hopeful to at least reach maybe the 250,000 credit mark, but alas, it looks like this will not happen.

Would be wonderful, if Sebastien allowed someone else to take over as many who have already replied to this topic feel bad that it is going to close.

Maybe, just maybe someone can assist?

If not, then thank you for your time in creating and administering this project.

7) Message boards : Number crunching : Cancelled by server error ? (Message 4248)
Posted 20 Sep 2016 by UBT - Timbo
Hi all

I got the above message for this tasks:

Stderr output <core_client_version>7.4.23</core_client_version> <![CDATA[ <message> aborted by project - no longer usable </message> <stderr_txt> 20:58:22 (13345): initialisation sh: 1: lspci: not found </stderr_txt> ]]>

Can someone tell me what the issue was?

(I have more WUProp tasks on similar PCs so I hope I don't get this error on the other PCs).


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