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Last updated 27 May 2024, 5:50:03 UTC

[AF>Libristes] miskic ("Hi! I'm Nicolas, I like when my computer is working as hard as possible for boinc...")
[AF>France] Fred VW ("Hello! I'm French and I live at 2 hours from Paris, I have 21 years old. I am...")
[AF>EDLS]_Damien ("Membre de [url=]l' Alliance Francophone[/url].")
[AF>Libristes] gillou40 ("Bonjour, J' habite dans le Sud-Ouest de la France Je fais partie de l'Alliance...")
[AF>Le_Pommier>]Prof ("Bonjour. Je suis Français, né en 1965, j'exerce la profession de conducteur routier...")
infomat ("My computers try to work with l'Alliance francophone,... IT/IS Manager, french man, born...")
[AF>Libristes] Pascal94 ("French Boincer, member of the Team [url=]L'Alliance...")
Mark Sango ("Amateur pianist and guitarist.")
[AF>France>Astro]Spica ("I am physicist and member of the 'L'alliance Francophone' team (")

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