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Last updated 13 Apr 2024, 5:40:04 UTC

[AF>WildWildWest] Sebastien ("Membre de [url=]l'Alliance Francophone[/url]")
Konata Izumi ("I was Grate Saiyaman a couple times before, but I started to think it might be a little...")
Mad Matt ("I am a musician and music teacher from Germany. Started many years ago on my first PC with...")
[AF>EDLS]domidonix ("Hey! je m'appèle Domi. J'aime l'informatiqe et la bonne musique. J'ai découvert...")
[AF>Libristes] Dudumomo ("Member of the Alliance Francophone (The biggest french speaking...")
[AF>Libristes] nico8313 ("...")
Ducati 749 ("I'm [b]Ducati 749[/b], member of [url=]BOINC.Italy[/url]...")
Christopher Herr ("Hi everyone, i am a 30+ year old business information scientist living near Stuttgart,...")
skgiven ("IT Consultant.")
[AF>WildWildWest] RLDF ("Vous parlez principalement en francais...")

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