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Last updated 20 Feb 2024, 19:50:04 UTC

Sergeant ("Hi. My name is Adam, born in 1967. I'm from a small town Michalowo, next to Bialystok...")
Hani ("Witam i zapraszam do Team'u...")
p o r c z e k ("Greetings from Poland :)")
RAD-Poland ("I'm a member of cross-project BOINC@Poland Team.")
Darius ("..the tendecy is to push it as far as you...")
MajkPascal ("My name is Michał. I'm from Kraków in Poland. I've computed for BOINC since 2011.")
LukaszST ("my profile")
Jerzy_Przytocki ("...")
aborek ("Boinc@Poland member [img][/img]")

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