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WUProp@Home member since18 Apr 2013
CountryUnited States
Total credit98,393
Recent average credit15.74
Total hours91,865
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Applications in Red have been inactive in last 30 days
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours) Last day (hours)
PrimeGridSierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)21,712.300.00
PrimeGridThe Riesel Problem (LLR)9,101.750.00
PrimeGridSophie Germain (LLR)7,468.730.00
PrimeGridExtended Sierpinski Problem6,120.820.00
PrimeGridWoodall (LLR)4,563.100.00
PrimeGridThe Riesel Problem (Sieve)4,426.120.00
PrimeGridCullen (LLR)3,717.280.00
PrimeGridGenefer 327683,546.400.00
PrimeGridSeventeen or Bust3,316.520.00
PrimeGrid321 (LLR)3,215.300.00
PrimeGridPPSE (LLR)3,206.380.00
PrimeGridGenefer 655363,127.580.00
PrimeGridPrime Sierpinski Problem (LLR)2,981.870.00
PrimeGridGenefer 131072 Mega2,248.120.00
PrimeGridSierpinski Problem ESP/PSP/SoB (Sieve)1,923.030.00
PrimeGridPPS-Mega (LLR)1,542.700.00
PrimeGridGenefer (World Record)1,497.320.00
PrimeGridGenefer 131072 Low865.450.00
PrimeGridPPS (Sieve)564.180.00
PrimeGridGenefer 262144451.450.00
PrimeGridPPS (LLR)450.370.00
PrimeGridGenefer 1048576372.730.00
PrimeGridGenefer 524288167.270.00
Einstein@HomeBinary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo)130.750.00
rosetta@homeRosetta Mini126.330.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - short110.870.00
malariacontrol.netopenMalaria: A simulator of malaria epidemiology and control (Branch A)110.750.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - long110.120.00
boincsimapBOINCSIMAP simap application108.750.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base - short106.200.00
SRBaseRiesel Base - short106.020.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average105.830.00
SRBaseSierpinski Base105.450.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average2105.000.00
Einstein@HomeGravitational Wave S6 Directed Search (CasA)103.550.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base - average3102.500.00
GPUGRIDShort runs (2-3 hours on fastest card)102.270.00
SRBaseRiesel Base101.500.00
SRBaseSierpinski / Riesel Base100.930.00
PrimeGridAP27 Search30.1530.15
CompositeGridAP27 Search8.700.00
CompositeGridSierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)1.200.00
SETI@homeSETI@home v70.120.00

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