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CountryUnited Kingdom
Total credit174,545
Recent average credit420.64
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Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
primaboinca primaboinca42,278.370.00
Radioactive@Home Radioactivity Monitor12,773.850.20
Quake-Catcher Network EMSC / CSEM QCN Sensor Monitoring Program3,992.530.00
Quake-Catcher Network (Taiwan) QCN - Taiwan3,897.5514.33
Quake-Catcher Network QCN Sensor3,509.300.00
Bitcoin Utopia CPUMiner (Campaign #2)2,091.850.00
La Red Atrapa Sismos La Red de Atrapa Sismos1,640.430.00
Asteroids@home Period Search Application1,457.150.00
Universe@Home Universe_simulator1,442.720.00
rosetta@home Rosetta Mini1,422.220.00
Leiden Classical Classical1,391.180.00
FreeHAL@home FreeHAL 2012 app1,389.170.00
NRG FlexAID Docking1,318.800.00
Collatz Conjecture Solo Collatz Conjecture1,277.2011.83
SAT@home PD-SAT for cryptology1,101.030.00
Enigma@Home Enigma 0.76b1,074.570.00
yoyo@home Muon1,053.2745.13
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)875.220.00
Moo! Wrapper Client771.4510.68
NumberFields@home Get Decic Fields729.520.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)704.750.00
Test4Theory@Home Test4Theory vboxwrapper596.320.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #4) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)594.230.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation519.970.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)515.170.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)431.050.00
Docking Charmm 34a2429.030.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs - NCI)399.570.00
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home382.372.00 UK Met Office HadAM3P-HadRM3P Europe363.780.00
Rioja Science Triatomic quasiclassical trajectory calculation S2337.820.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs)295.750.63
Poem@Home POEM++281.150.00
Constellation TrackJack254.980.00
yafu YAFU230.630.00
climateathome modeE of Climate at Home217.750.00
qos Quality of Service using Volunteer Computing205.470.00
Plagiarism@Home Web checker196.480.00
Beal@Home Beal Engine167.280.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)120.320.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
NFS@Home 14e Lattice Sieve114.780.00
pogs fitsedwrapper114.500.00
NFS@Home 15e Lattice Sieve109.450.00
Collatz Conjecture Mini Collatz Conjecture105.330.00
boincsimap BOINCSIMAP simap application103.830.00
The Lattice Project GARLI99.000.00
PrimeGrid Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR)90.430.00
PrimeGrid PPS (Sieve)70.130.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 1.6+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)59.270.00
OProject@Home Weird Engine Odd58.230.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)34.750.00
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Perseus Arm Survey)34.120.00
DistrRTgen Distributed Rainbow Table Generator (distrrtgen)28.500.00
OProject@Home GSCE-SV25.580.00
SETI@home SETI@home v723.250.00
iGEM@home Modelling Linker structures for the circularization of proteins22.650.00
VolPEx VolPEx server benchmark22.180.00
AlmereGrid TestGrid - Boinc Statistical correlization analysis for genome research18.670.00
ABCLLL@Home ABC Eval Tool18.530.00
Chess@Home chessathome16.620.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours)
Albert@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)13.320.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, GPU)13.150.00
Bitcoin Utopia CudaMiner (Campaign #1)10.550.00
words_compatibility Russian words compatibility9.500.00
SZTAKI Desktop Grid Riemann Zeta Research Project8.880.00
DNA@Home Gibbs sampler8.080.00
Milkyway@Home Milkyway@Home Separation (Modified Fit)6.580.00
SETI@home Beta Test SETI@home v76.380.00
EDGeS@Home Riemann Zeta Research Project6.130.00
Pirates@Home yello - Simplest BOINC graphics application5.870.00
CAS@home ICT Protein Structure Prediction(2nd Generation)5.700.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)5.600.00
VolPEx REMD Protein Folding4.770.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)4.420.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #2) (for 333MH/s ASICs - NCI)4.080.00
EDGI Demo Project Riemann-Zeta Search3.070.00
EDGI Demo Project Digital Alias-free Signal Processing Application2.520.00
physics@home Rendering nano2.500.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #1) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitasks)2.020.00
Bitcoin Utopia cgminer (Campaign #3) (for 20+GH/s ASICs-multitask...2.000.00
Reported data
ProjectApplicationRunning time (hours)Pending (hours) tenbar31.930.00
Gerasim@home Separator1.800.00
physics@home Rendering nano alpha=2.2 R=301.750.00
OPTIMA@HOME Asymptotic analysis in combinatorics of words1.550.00
eon2 eon client0.830.00
VolPEx Sieve0.200.00
final Fish Counting0.020.00 Blender0.000.00 Cycles0.000.00

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