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Project Application Participant Team Hours
Amicable Numbers Amicable Numbers up to 10^21 Landjunge Planet 3DNow! 2845.55
Asteroids@home Period Search Application Anonymous 2247.83 UK Met Office HadAM4 at N144 resolution Anonymous 12.00
UK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution Fardringle TeAm AnandTech 152.23
UK Met Office HadSM4 at N144 resolution [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 131.83
Weather At Home 2 (wah2) JJAR SantoPol 1.38
Cosmology@Home CAMB Ron Shurtz [BlackOps] SETI.USA 1038.30
camb_boinc2docker (beta test) Penguin Antarctic Crunchers 331.33
DENIS@home New human ventricular cell model Anonymous 4462.23
Distributed Hardware Evolution Project Distributed Hardware Evolution Island firstomega 175.87
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo) Penguin Antarctic Crunchers 330.00
Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, large) PinQuin SETI.Germany 603.88
Binary Radio Pulsar Search (MeerKAT) shiva SETI.USA 191.93
Gamma-ray pulsar binary search #1 on GPUs arkiss 256.90
Gamma-ray pulsar search #5 gemini8 425.52
Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (CPU) hase SETI-team-hannover 375.98
Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (GPU) PhilTheNet L'Alliance Francophone 0.63
Gerasim@home Get Decic Fields [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 1156.70
Get Decic Fields (Linux) Anonymous 637.90
Get Decic Fields (nVidia) [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 256.28
Get Decic Fields (opencl_amd) Vato 88.00
Test separator Anonymous 2.98
GPUGRID New version of ACEMD STE\/E BlackOps 18.20
iThena.Computational iThena HEX [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 495.98
iThena.Measurements iThena CNode Anonymous 879.83
iThena OONI Probe Anonymous 948.32
iThena PERF [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 1900.15
latinsquares odlk3@home Azmodes Metal Archives 906.33
odlkmax@home Tarmo Ilves Aggie The Pew 1616.85
LHC@home ATLAS Simulation samuraiii The Knights Who Say Ni! 981.80
CMS Simulation Tern Antarctic Crunchers 64.98
SixTrack [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 199.25
Theory Simulation amargo133 CANAL@Boinc 72.00
lhcathome-dev ATLAS Simulation [AF>Le_Pommier] Jerome_C2005 L'Alliance Francophone 16.57
CMS Simulation Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 136.03
Theory Simulation xcsv50000 Team 2ch 21.52
Xtrack beam simulation Vato 483.87
LODA LODA shiva SETI.USA 1520.68
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home crashtech TeAm AnandTech 1071.20
MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation Anonymous 1170.60
Moo! Wrapper Client Anonymous 2318.32
NFS@Home 14e Lattice Sieve Anonymous 648.67
15e Lattice Sieve CFJH 544.52
15e Lattice Sieve for smaller numbers Ruud van der Kroef 65.22
16e Lattice Sieve for smaller numbers joe carnivore 198.95
16e Lattice Sieve V5 Gibson Praise The Scottish Boinc Team 1008.00
NumberFields@home Get Decic Fields ThrasherX-17 Keep The Fire Alive! 8467.47
odlk odlk3@home Anonymous 656.03
odlkmax@home Stavebni firma Bostik Porici LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic 307.90
odlkmin@home Anonymous 743.28
Parlea@Home virtualbox Dr Who Fan BOINCstats 0.07
PrimeGrid 321 (LLR) vaughan AMD Users 1052.80
AP27 Search [AF>Libristes] ElGuillermo L'Alliance Francophone 340.73
Cullen (LLR) vaughan AMD Users 527.40
Cullen/Woodall (Sieve) vaughan AMD Users 935.82
Do You Feel Lucky? WezH Universe Examiners 173.90
Extended Sierpinski Problem Alan E. Monroe Negative1Kelvin 540.80
Genefer 15 vaughan AMD Users 2061.13
Genefer 16 Vato 875.17
Genefer 17 Mega ServicEnginIC Islas Canarias-Canary Islands 256.32
Genefer 18 JH30895 Antarctic Crunchers 61.10
Genefer 19 JH30895 Antarctic Crunchers 16.68
Genefer 20 Ginga 462.48
Genefer 21 Michael Berger 131.40
Genefer 22 Anonymous 1088.00
Generalized Cullen/Woodall (LLR) WezH Universe Examiners 1505.00
PPS (LLR) wwei25 Team China 1507.52
PPS (Sieve) Anonymous 391.13
PPS-Mega (LLR) vaughan AMD Users 4622.20
PPSE (LLR) Steve Dodd The Planetary Society 1301.27
Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR) vaughan AMD Users 1800.67
Seventeen or Bust vaughan AMD Users 703.20
Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR) Grzegorz Roman Granowski The Scottish Boinc Team 1047.77
Sophie Germain (LLR) vaughan AMD Users 1387.87
The Riesel Problem (LLR) tng* Antarctic Crunchers 113.07
Woodall (LLR) tng* Antarctic Crunchers 3227.77
PRIVATE GFN SERVER GFN-1x Small Primes [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 826.73
LLR2 testing vaughan AMD Users 331.88
PRST testing tng* Antarctic Crunchers 1040.00
Quake-Catcher Network QCN Sensor Ginga 330.83
Radioactive@Home Radioactivity Monitor Anonymous 1182.97
Rake search of diagonal Latin squares Generalized symmetries in parastrophic slices for DLS of order 10 Jozef J Russia Team 516.00
Joint search of DLS spectra with Gerasim project Werinbert Free-DC 361.07
Joint search of ODLS12 with Gerasim project Michael H.W. Weber 57.17
RamanujanMachine Ramanujan Machine STE\/E BlackOps 2481.80
RNA World cmsearch VM (VirtualBox) 1.0.2 Fardringle TeAm AnandTech 22.00
Rosetta@home Rosetta Trotador XtremeSystems 7965.48
SiDock@home CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 long tasks Technologov 6116.02
CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 short tasks Rainer Baumeister SETI.Germany 490.98
SRBase Riesel Base - short walli SETI.Germany 181.30
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 869.25
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average2 Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 123.22
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average3 walli SETI.Germany 4676.27
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 3255.05
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long2 Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 2427.32
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long3 Anonymous 37.10
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - short Dark Angel BOINC@AUSTRALIA 52.43
Sierpinski Base Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 2828.20
Sierpinski Base - short Gibson Praise The Scottish Boinc Team 555.08
TF Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 154.65
TN-Grid Platform gene@home PC-IM Technologov 26589.28
Universe@Home Universe BHspin v2 Anonymous 3097.83
wanless2 Random-base WEP Factorization Anonymous 5276.55
World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers Technologov 18193.38
OpenPandemics - COVID-19 - GPU Anonymous 75.13
Smash Childhood Cancer Anonymous 8211.45
yafu YAFU Manuel Stenschke Abendgymnasium Neubrandenburg 218.13
YAFU for small composites AnandBhat 55.07
YAFU-16t [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 2084.00
YAFU-4t [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 705.60
YAFU-8t [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 877.13
yoyo@home ecm Anonymous 897.10
ecm P2 mikey The Final Front Ear 440.17
M Queens Anonymous 12625.03
Siever Flummi SETI.Germany 374.85

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