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Project Application Participant Team Hours
Amicable Numbers Amicable Numbers up to 10^21 [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 1165.20
Asteroids@home Period Search Application Anonymous 13560.03 OpenIFS 43r3 Perturbed Surface SuicideCabbage AMD Users 163.87
UK Met Office HadAM4 at N144 resolution Aurum In Science We Trust 196.50
UK Met Office HadAM4 at N216 resolution [SG]Felix SETI.Germany 109.75
UK Met Office HadSM4 at N144 resolution [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 43.97
Weather At Home 2 (wah2) [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 31.37
collatz Collatz Sieve Anonymous 1.52
Cosmology@Home CAMB mikey The Final Front Ear 1836.03
camb_boinc2docker (beta test) xcsv50000 Team 2ch 120.50
DENIS@home New human ventricular cell model Landjunge Planet 3DNow! 1831.30
Distributed Hardware Evolution Project Distributed Hardware Evolution Island firstomega 176.00
Einstein@Home Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo) [SG-FC] dingdong SETI.Germany 528.00
Binary Radio Pulsar Search (Arecibo, large) mikey The Final Front Ear 933.62
Binary Radio Pulsar Search (MeerKAT) crashtech TeAm AnandTech 138.37
Gamma-ray pulsar binary search #1 on GPUs [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 681.42
Gamma-ray pulsar search #5 [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 1342.40
Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (CPU) damotbe L'Alliance Francophone 5629.60
Multi-Directional Gravitational Wave search on O3 (GPU) Aurum In Science We Trust 147.93
Gerasim@home Get Decic Fields ChelseaOilman UK BOINC Team 3410.00
Get Decic Fields (Linux) ChelseaOilman UK BOINC Team 4061.93
Get Decic Fields (nVidia) marmot Gridcoin 106.30
Get Decic Fields (opencl_amd) ChelseaOilman UK BOINC Team 88.00
GPUGRID Free energy calculations of protein ligand binding Aurum In Science We Trust 146.58
New version of ACEMD mmonnin TeAm AnandTech 22.00
Python apps for GPU hosts Aurum In Science We Trust 805.98
iThena.Measurements iThena CNode Anonymous 541.07
iThena OONI Probe Herby44 Planet 3DNow! 492.07
iThena PERF [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 1422.73
latinsquares odlk3@home [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 1445.40
odlkmax@home [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 1448.12
LHC@home ATLAS Simulation samuraiii The Knights Who Say Ni! 3611.60
CMS Simulation Anonymous 113.23
SixTrack Anonymous 2348.47
Theory Simulation [AF] fansyl L'Alliance Francophone 131.33
lhcathome-dev CMS Simulation Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 584.62
Theory Simulation xcsv50000 Team 2ch 34.87
Xtrack beam simulation marmot Gridcoin 285.45
LODA LODA shiva SETI.USA 1350.28
Milkyway@Home MilkyWay@Home Skillz TeAm AnandTech 1603.18
MilkyWay@Home N-Body Simulation PinQuin SETI.Germany 1587.73
Moo! Wrapper Client Werinbert Free-DC 484.45
NFS@Home 14e Lattice Sieve [AF] Kalianthys L'Alliance Francophone 1009.53
15e Lattice Sieve vaughan AMD Users 440.17
15e Lattice Sieve for smaller numbers vaughan AMD Users 1008.72
16e Lattice Sieve for smaller numbers respawner 294.05
16e Lattice Sieve V5 marmot Gridcoin 1415.33
NumberFields@home Get Decic Fields Moor Planet 3DNow! 1388.80
odlk odlk3@home [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 838.25
odlkmax@home Miroslav Splichal LITOMYSL Boinc Team Czech Republic 345.43
odlkmin@home [SG]KidDoesCrunch SETI.Germany 1271.33
Parlea@Home Cycle Search Vato 482.33
GTCL Cycle Search vaughan AMD Users 859.23
PrimeGrid 321 (LLR) ThrasherX-17 Keep The Fire Alive! 627.02
AP27 Search putianyi888 Team China 330.00
Cullen (LLR) arkiss 150.87
Do You Feel Lucky? WezH Universe Examiners 190.93
Extended Sierpinski Problem ThrasherX-17 Keep The Fire Alive! 1120.00
Genefer 15 Werinbert Free-DC 352.00
Genefer 16 vaughan AMD Users 1089.93
Genefer 17 Mega Landjunge Planet 3DNow! 434.02
Genefer 18 JayPi SETI.Germany 167.18
Genefer 19 AnandBhat 141.40
Genefer 20 Anonymous 44.00
Genefer 21 tng* Antarctic Crunchers 391.12
Genefer 22 Anonymous 949.32
Generalized Cullen/Woodall (LLR) ThrasherX-17 Keep The Fire Alive! 2502.50
PPS (LLR) wwei25 Team China 1970.93
PPS (Sieve) Penguin Antarctic Crunchers 385.83
PPS-Mega (LLR) Anonymous 1164.57
PPSE (LLR) Steve Dodd The Planetary Society 350.47
Prime Sierpinski Problem (LLR) freestman Team China 5646.27
Seventeen or Bust Grzegorz Roman Granowski The Scottish Boinc Team 528.00
Sierpinski/Riesel Base 5 Problem (LLR) RussEfarmer Antarctic Crunchers 439.47
Sophie Germain (LLR) 4bc3 Czech National Team 978.92
The Riesel Problem (LLR) tng* Antarctic Crunchers 791.07
Woodall (LLR) WezH Universe Examiners 1645.47
PRIVATE GFN SERVER GFN-1x Small Primes walli SETI.Germany 173.12
LLR2 testing walli SETI.Germany 3598.45
PRST testing pschoefer SETI.Germany 1055.90
Quake-Catcher Network QCN Sensor Pete Broad BOINC Synergy 1347.90
Radioactive@Home Radioactivity Monitor Coleslaw [H]ard|OCP 355.00
Rake search of diagonal Latin squares Generalized symmetries in parastrophic slices for DLS of order 10 Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 663.30
Joint search of DLS spectra with Gerasim project Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 647.93
Joint search of ODLS12 with Gerasim project Michael H.W. Weber 37.55
ralph@home Rosetta zombie67 [MM] SETI.USA 1104.85
RamanujanMachine Ramanujan Machine Anonymous 5436.88
RNA World cmsearch VM (VirtualBox) 1.0.2 Anonymous 22.00
Rosetta@home Rosetta Anonymous 11621.07
rosetta python projects Anonymous 43.90
SiDock@home CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 long tasks vaughan AMD Users 2419.18
CurieMarieDock 0.2.0 short tasks Rainer Baumeister SETI.Germany 357.07
SRBase Riesel Base Ralfy BOINC Confederation 812.02
Sierpinski / Riesel Base Ralfy BOINC Confederation 1405.38
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average CFJH 496.10
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - average3 Odicin BOINC Confederation 355.40
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long Fire$torm [BlackOps] SETI.USA 229.13
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long2 Odicin BOINC Confederation 416.57
Sierpinski / Riesel Base - long3 SEARCHER BOINC@Pfalz 10.48
Sierpinski Base - short Fire$torm [BlackOps] SETI.USA 63.00
TF Anonymous 220.00
TN-Grid Platform gene@home PC-IM Anonymous 16172.52
Universe@Home Universe BHspin v2 Cruncher Pete BOINC@AUSTRALIA 6080.97
wanless2 Random-base WEP Factorization Anonymous 3557.13
World Community Grid Mapping Cancer Markers Pete Broad BOINC Synergy 66.00
OpenPandemics - COVID 19 Aurum In Science We Trust 42.40
yafu YAFU Schildkroete Team 167.20
YAFU for small composites Gibson Praise The Scottish Boinc Team 33.00
YAFU-128t STE\/E BlackOps 469.33
YAFU-16t Beyond Ars Technica 940.00
YAFU-32t Austin Lepri Futurerealm 618.13
YAFU-4t 4ys BOINC@Poland 466.43
YAFU-64t STE\/E BlackOps 1408.00
YAFU-8t Anonymous 321.07
yoyo@home ecm Anonymous 1465.72
ecm P2 mmonnin TeAm AnandTech 396.38
M Queens Anonymous 10666.70
Siever Anonymous 5217.97

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