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Message 198 - Posted: 28 Apr 2010, 8:26:51 UTC

Hello everyone,

this project provides a lot of useful information, and I think it could be possible to provide even more of that easily. There are only average values in the results. This is ok for projects with little variation.

But at RNA World for example, there a very heterogeneous WUs ranging from a few seconds to nearly a week of runtime. Similar thing with RAM-usage. This is not visible in the WUProp results by now.

I'd suggest adding some values to the results. This could be things like the Standard deviation and the upper and lower decile, i.e. "10% of WUs use less than 80MB RAM and 10% use more than 500MB". A full frequency distribution would be awesome.

Another nice thing to have would be to distinguish in time. So for example "last week", "last month", or "april", "may", or "2009", "2010",....

Hope you can use this idea, although I don't think I'm the first person to think of that.

regards, Max

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Message boards : Science : more detailed results?

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