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Message 5926 - Posted: 21 Jan 2018, 21:30:06 UTC

I haven't noticed any results reported from MacOS PowerPC in quite a while, however looking at the applications page at a few of the projects that are known to support that architecture (SETI, Enigma, Moo! Wrapper) show that there is work being done.

Just to check that the app is still functional, I dug out my old PowerBook G4 and let it run through a few Moo! tasks and two full wuprop tasks to generate some results. I have two completed wuprop tasks (which only seem to take three hours, as compared to the typical six) but when I click on the "Activity" button for the host, I get nothing. And, there is still nothing listed on the Results page.

As a side note, anyone using the older PowerPC clients (BOINC 6.12.35 or 6.6.36) will have to attach the project manually, since those clients don't support https--and at least BAM! uses the https address to attach.

Anyway, just wanted to bring this up and see if there's something holding up the PowerPC results on the server side. I often pitch the wuprop results on various other forums, for people looking to find projects that work for a particular architecture, gpu, etc. and the project has historically been a good way to find work for PowerPC. I hope that it can continue to be so, especially as there are only a handful of projects that support those hosts anymore. In general, I find wuprop to be a very useful tool for this purpose and I'm happy to contribute data to help out.
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Message boards : Science : PowerPC Disappeared?

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