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Message boards : Number crunching : Gerasim Project in English ?

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Message 8401 - Posted: 3 Oct 2021, 14:26:03 UTC

Anybody know how to get the Gerasim Project Message Board to show in English ??? Thank's

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Message 8402 - Posted: 3 Oct 2021, 15:08:31 UTC
Last modified: 3 Oct 2021, 15:10:55 UTC

I have Google Translate extension.

RAID-O with SQL databases (drive D :) collapsed. Disks fall off, SQL Server crashes, bad blocks multiply in different places. Accordingly, the site does not start. Disconnected Gerasim from the network, I'm trying to restore the disk.

The last backup was made 10 days ago. You can recover from it, but restoring the databases to a crumbling RAID array is not quite what we would like. (and there is nowhere else - there are no disks yet).

I lost like 800k credit if things stay with the old, restored DB. Plus the WIP.

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Message boards : Number crunching : Gerasim Project in English ?

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