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New app for Android and BOINC 7.18
I released a new application for Android and BOINC 7.18.
This application needs you enable remote control.
If remote control is not enabled, results returned will be invalid and no hours will be counted.
27 May 2022, 11:44:47 UTC · Comment

Project revival
After a few weeks of reflection, I decided to continue hosting the project.

In the next weeks, I will work on simplifying and documenting the data processing.
Once this job done, I will contact volunteers to help me in managing the project.
In the future, if I decided to stop the project, transfering it to another hosting will be more simple.

The project will be active intermittently for linux, windows and mac platforms. No hours will be granted for the moment.

In parallel, I published source code here. I'm not a developper. So no doubt that the code should be improved. I would appreciate help to improve code and make it running for android devices.

Thanks for your patience.
20 Mar 2022, 9:52:24 UTC · Comment

Project end
I have no time to manage correctly the project.
So the work generation has been stopped and the project will be offline in a few days.
8 Mar 2022, 5:47:55 UTC · Comment

Server upgrade
The project will be offline tomorrow from 8:00 a.m. UTC for several hours. 26 Dec 2020, 10:34:16 UTC · Comment

Grid computing center
Because of some participants who abused by multiplying clients which run only Grid computing center, workunits from those clients will be invalid. No hours will be counted. 9 Jul 2017, 19:06:53 UTC · Comment

SSL support
I installed a SSL certificate on server. Most of hosts can attach via the secure url:
If you use an old version (before 7.2) or an old OS, I recommend you use old URL:
12 Mar 2017, 12:17:29 UTC · Comment

Workunits longer
I increased the length of wu in order to ease the workunits validation.
Now, the new workunits will run for 6 hours.
9 Jan 2014, 21:08:42 UTC · Comment

Server mirgration
The project will be offline for a few hours, tomorrow from 07:00 UTC.
I will migrate the project onto a new server.
30 Aug 2013, 19:50:35 UTC · Comment

Badge 5 sapphire stars reached
STE\/E [BADger] is the first to reach the maximum level badge.
Congratulations to him.
12 Jul 2013, 19:50:46 UTC · Comment

Application updated
I made some changes to the application in order to implement a badge.
The badge will be assigned based on the number of applications for which you have returned data and the number of hours run on these applications.
I will post more informations in a few days.
18 Jan 2013, 17:31:24 UTC · Comment

Work generation suspended
There is a problem with the last application
The work generation is suspended for a few days.
27 Sep 2011, 10:28:05 UTC · Comment

New application released
If the networking activity is suspended, the workunit will run until the networking activity resumes.
Credits will be granted depending computing time.
19 Aug 2011, 19:47:32 UTC · Comment

Server migration
The project will be offline for a few hours, tomorrow from 07:00 UTC.
I will migrate the project onto a new server.
13 Jul 2011, 19:08:53 UTC · Comment

New application released
I released a new application for Windows, Linux and Mac Intel:

17 Jun 2011, 16:56:31 UTC · Comment

Bug in version 2.36 for Windows
There is a bug in the version 2.36 for Windows.
The application slows down or blocks the network.
You should abort the workunit if you run this version.

Sorry for the inconvenience.
17 Feb 2011, 17:14:22 UTC · Comment

New projects / applications RSS feed
Informations about new projects and applications is available in an RSS feed:
14 Feb 2011, 20:03:37 UTC · Comment

Disk space requirements / GPU data
In the result page, I added the disk space requirements and gpu data.
BOINC doesn't identify correctly some GPU (mostly ATI). Please, have a look at the page
If needed, please, could you correct or complete the informations.
13 Feb 2011, 15:55:29 UTC · Comment

New app
I released a new application which should reduce the cpu usage on hosts with a big cache (up to 5 times less)

The new application will also collect disk space requirements. The data will be available on the result page in a few days.
31 Jan 2011, 21:25:27 UTC · Comment

Localized result page
Result page is now available in English, French and Chinese (Thanks to Yin Gang) languages.

I need some help for translation in other languages.
30 Dec 2010, 8:58:10 UTC · Comment

New applications released
Workunits are now available 2 Aug 2010, 18:00:00 UTC · Comment

Work generation suspended
The application is not compatible with version 6.11.x
The work generation is suspended until next week.
28 Jul 2010, 11:00:00 UTC · Comment

New data type available
The amounts of data downloaded and uploaded are available in results page 27 May 2010, 15:00:00 UTC · Comment

Test application released
I released a test application for Linux 64 bits.
I'm looking for how I can collect the amount of data downloaded and uploaded.
If you want to run test application, you should accept running test applications in your preferences.
15 May 2010, 13:00:00 UTC · Comment

The new URL is 3 May 2010, 19:00:00 UTC · Comment

Project release
Project start 27 Mar 2010, 19:00:00 UTC · Comment

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